Day Four Hundred Forty Two #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We’ve had our reunion. Of sorts. While Tomas remained on duty, the Captain came out to us. It was a joyous occasion.

Especially as we have ascertained that the Captain as well as his crew, remain free of the mark. They have consequently since our parting been forced from some ports which were wholly given over to the world government, including this city’s sister port across the water.

I gave the Captain the messages from his former purser, which he received with thanks. And he greeted my offer to serve in his place with enthusiasm.

Elijah was glad to learn that the ship’s future course remains the same. He was relieved enough to surrender his reluctance to enter the city.


Day Seventy One #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

There had been no messages the rest of the day. Lyle thinks we have passed whatever territory the presence was warding us away from.

We spent another calm night in the open. And today made good headway towards our destination.

In fact, we could see the mountain peak quite clearly. This set me wondering were we to stop just this short of the tree line or go up to the summit.

Lyle spoke right up and declared we just need to get onto the other side, whether that was over the top or around one side or other, it didn’t matter.

With that sentiment I am content. But I confess I long to see the view from the very top.