The Fairy Diary Day 280 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I am thankful. Thankful we all survived. Thankful I am still here to write this, now that we have recovered from our ordeal. 

Having Merlin with us made all the difference, especially his experience combating this type of menace with our allies in the days past. He kept us well away from its reach. He explained that the object was to have it expend all its poisonous spores before we closed in to disable it. 

To do that we needed to keep constantly on the move – even through the night. And I had to hold all my arrows in reserve. They would have been useless otherwise. 

Come this morning it was incredibly reduced in size. And the wizard encouraged us by saying it would not be much longer. 

Then suddenly, the creature broke off its chase and took off for the shaft entrance. Merlin shouted that it was time to attack. I let off three arrows in succession. Each one struck home and with each one it shrunk even more. 

Then it just disappeared. 

Rumble and Noralei thought it disintegrated. But Dunfallon, atop Grimace, insisted it fell into the shaft. 

All speculation was put to one side when Merlin announced that our allies had arrived.


The Fairy Diary Day 74 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I passed another uneasy night. And not just because Dunfallon failed to join us. A dream was the source of my unease. What I can remember of my dream in its beginning must have been inspired by the day of traveling. Really rather boring in its content – until the black bird flew onto the scene. Then a definite sense of menace descended upon me.

It strutted right up to Rumble and me, swelling in size the closer it came. I shrunk backwards each time its beak bobbed towards us. And waking, I had the whisper of a thought – this is the representation of our adversary.

And I believe, the thought’s confirmation came today when Dunfallon caught up with us.

He had the most fantastic tale.

At the break of the pass, a large black bird attacked him and his mountain goat. But before it could swoop down on him for a second time, his eagle met and drove it off.