The Fairy Diary Day 295 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Noralei noticed the strange behavior of the Will’o’the Wisp within his lantern prison. He was more agitated and glowed brighter when anywhere near Hawk. 

We learned to use it for effect. For Hawk was also affected by the nearness of Willie. It made him all the more compliant when interrogating him about which passage the returning dark elf forces would use. 

After Hawk identified the main passage, Dunfallon and the Dromadilians went in to explore and to set pixie traps. 

They discovered that further back the wide passage indicated by Hawk had offshoots to narrower passages that also ended in the shaft. 

Thus, a new debate began – seal off the one or the many?


The Fairy Diary Day 286 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Rumble brought out the Dromadil map and demonstrated to us that the offshoot with the forges was not on it. We decided to send Dunfallon down to explore. To aid him Noralei passed off her Will’o’the Wisp lantern. 

While he was gone we poured over the map and compared our observations.  None of us is sure what we are looking for. Nothing so far has been anything but pixie related. So, this latest place where we cannot go may contain the strongest clue as to what our enemy may be up to. Especially if it is related to the dark elves. 

We gathered around the pixie upon his return to hear his latest adventure. There was a gamut of forges to pass before the ultimate chamber on that level. The tools fell silent and still, as he passed nearby. The last room was filled with a familiar form. Dunfallon says they are exactly like the fire plants we encountered around the dragon egg nest. 

It made me wonder if this chamber was the planned destination of the dragon egg we had intercepted. 

The pixie added as almost an afterthought that the presence of the forges reminded him of his time with Gilgorgon and the dwarves. And perhaps odder still was that Willie was most glad to be there and had protested when Dunfallon pulled him out.

The Fairy Diary Day 177 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I feel a great weight lifted off of my shoulders with our arrival here at Merlin’s castle. I hope never to be embroiled in human affairs again. Thankfully Merlin has not bundled us off to our next mission. Surprisingly he has not yet broached the topic to us. So I am thinking it must not be as crucial as he had led us to believe. 

For now he is allowing us to take our ease. And I think Dunfallon, for one, welcomes the opportunity to forget his latest escapade. 

I asked Rumble to meet with the pixie to renew their friendship and to help him get past his guilt. And perhaps he can help with his desire to make up for the humans’ loss of those lambs. 

Noralei collected me and took me on a tour of the workshop in which she constructed that small lantern and the iron proof barrier. 

I suspected she was trying to help me recover too from our latest hardship. 

I welcomed the diversion.

The Fairy Diary Day 141 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We bivouacked in the cave entrance through the night and Dunfallon peppered the Captain with questions most of that time. Somehow the rest of us could ignore them and slumber peacefully. 

Still the two were none the worse for wear in the morning. The pixie was given the task and means of closing the opening on this side, while Caywyn left us to open the way at the end of our traverse. 

We would have been forced to struggle along with the one torch that Caywyn provided, but Noralei had a most ingenious lantern she had made for herself while with Merlin. It was as if it held a bit of the Wisp. 

Once we emerged Caywyn left us again to go up and close the gate on this end. 

It gave us much to discuss when we took up our march again to the capital. 

We were curious about the secret fort of last resort that we had passed through and wondered what lay beyond what little we had seen within.

The Fairy Diary Day 91 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Home. We stabled Dunfallon’s goat, then passed through the daisy chain defenses before high noon. I noticed that they have filled in some areas with cornflowers. They make the fortifications even more formidable. 

The High Fairy met us beyond the last flower ring at the gate to Nonin-gal-dith. Before any greetings he waved his hand over the lantern. The motion silenced Willie mid scream and he dropped off to sleep. 

The High Fairy then greeted each of us in turn. Dunfallon easily commanded a good share of his time. I believe the knowledge he acquired beforehand from me impressed his excellency. 

At the end Rumble took Dunfallon on his promised tour to see the sights of our village. 

And the High Fairy led me away to his chambers for a long conversation. There he deposited the lantern with the slumbering Willie.

The Fairy Diary Day 90 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

With every step we take Willie’s behavior gets odder and odder. One minute his substance blows up and fills the lantern, the next he shrinks to the size of a speck. 

Rumble thought it was an escape attempt and shook the lantern until he grew back to normal size.  These actions brought him to heel only briefly for he soon was wailing like a banshee. 

I trust the High Fairy will know how to handle the Wisp. 

On a more pleasing note I am delighted to answer the questions of our young pixie friend. He wants to know everything about the Faerie Kingdom before we arrive. 

His is a keen, curious mind. 

That said, I cautioned him to rein in his natural bent for pranks, as most fairies look down on such shenanigans from pixies. 

Then, I broached to him what has to be done for his goat. She will have to remain outside Nonin-gal-dith in the care of the fairies of the pasture. 

He willingly accepted the restriction.

The Fairy Diary Day 81 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Dunfallon was glad to see his mountain goat once again. And I think the goat was overjoyed to see him. And after supplying for her needs we set out again. 

We secured Willie inside a lantern that Rumble elected to carry. Our prisoner looks pretty pale in the sunlight. Maybe more than he should. But he is full of spite and malice. Rumble twice rattled him around in the lantern to quiet him down.

Oddly, my pendant acts normally around the Wisp. Even at the height of his anger, it remained cool to the touch. I remember it reacted similarly to the stones that were pushed up into a mountain by the trolls. So long ago now, it seems.