The Fairy Diary Day 315 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

At first glance the visage of the king of these dwarves, Artoxon, was beyond grim. His sternness grew in our estimation when he declared that we had been observed laying our traps in and about the Low-way. Acts which made us suspect to him. 

We were quick to explain that our actions were merely a precaution aimed against the forces of the dark elves. I added that we had been completely unaware of their presence and apologized for our ignorance. 

Dunfallon stepped forward and offered to lead Artoxon’s dwarves to each and every trap and remove them immediately. 

After a long silence in which Artoxon’s face softened from a stony scowl to a smiling acceptance, he declared that removing them would not be necessary. Rather he would accept them as a gift from us for the defense of his kingdom. 

Then we sat down to discuss what we could do for one another.