Look into my heart

Look into my Heart

(Would like to thank whomever put the basis of this graphic together. But could not locate him/her. Hope they would approve my tweaking of it).

Look into my heart
See the gladness there
My world is in your smile

We lift praise to Him
Who revealed His Heart
Joy bursts forth from There
Heaven is in His Smile.


Day Five Hundred Seventeen #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The Raj twins, (for such they are), awakened us early and led us on a serpentine crawl across the face of the city. I would not like to make the trip any later.

Elijah reflected an unruffled demeanor upon entering the shipyard. I, by contrast, could not contain my excitement at the prospect of reuniting with the Captain and the crew of the ship.

Two vessels were on the stocks in the dry docks, but neither one was ours. The twins left us at the shipyard office to make our queries.

To our joy the Captain emerged from the office as we were climbing the stairs.

To our questions he gestured to the first in a line of waiting ships.