The Fairy Diary Day 174 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Noralei knew all the passwords, signs and countersigns employed by Caywyn’s clan. And that secured the audience we needed in which we presented Nimrood’s proclamation. 

Cawthrup is the leader’s name and he accepted us readily, or so we thought. 

He put a call out around to his people and invited us to stay in the nearby woodlands while they gathered, reasoning that we would be more at home in their confines. 

Rumble and Dunfallon accepted the offer without a second thought. But Noralei and I were uneasy with that arrangement. She did wring from him a promise to keep all iron weapons, and even iron farm implements far away from us. (And she took the added precaution of erecting the protective barrier around us for the night).

Thus we passed it peacefully and thankfully our reception with the humans this morning went smoothly.  Most of them were glad for the news that they may return to their farms. But there were a few others, including Cawthrup who desire to stay on their new lands. 

What does that mean for our mission?


The Fairy Diary Day 173 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Rumble was the first to notice the change in the landscape ahead and drew our attention to the patches of brown earth that dotted the far side of the plain. 

We had found some refugees. 

Now how best to inform them of the change back in their homeland. 

We had the proclamation from Nimrood but would they accept it from us? Would they even let us come close? None may ever have encountered fairies or pixies before. And they might be armed with iron weapons. 

We pressed onwards and set our sights on the closest and smallest cleared field. It seemed the safest course. 

As we neared we made out a family busy outside. A flag flew atop of their simple hovel. 

Taking one look at it Noralei became excited. 

“I know that flag,” she said. “And now I know why the High Fairy insisted that I come with you.”

The flag was that of Caywyn’s family and clan and Noralei knew exactly how to approach them. 

That is what she did and how we met the leader of the refugees.

The Fairy Diary Day 158 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Overnight there has been a marked difference in the fields we have passed through. Rumble thinks it imperative for the refugee farmers to return soon, as their crops will need to be harvested. 

We didn’t know but we soon had a more pressing problem. The troll brothers found a cache of iron weapons abandoned in a field and innocently brought them into us. Dunfallon stopped them well in advance of any danger, and had the two fling the rusty swords away. Then, he explained the harm such metal things could have to fairies. (I begin to wonder if we should have asked Noralei to take the enchanted cloth barrier with us).

Both Geog and Grimace were so contrite afterwards, to the point that I had to reassure them that we – Rumble and I, held no ill will towards them.

Dunfallon piped up saying in effect that he would beat them both silly if they ever did it again. Then he laughed uproariously at their blank expressions. 

The troll brothers were quick to react to his boastful banter with trollish mirth. And in the hollow we found ourselves they sounded like an army laughing.