Day Thirty Four #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Patience is what’s called for. I have an overflow, but Lyle is challenged in that sphere. He doesn’t disagree that he needs it. His temper just gets the better of him. So he says.

Case in point, when I told him about my close encounter yesterday, he was all for going on immediately. He did finally agree with me to take it slow. His resolve was tested today when the intruder crossed his path on his second turn. He was probably about two miles from the place where I had encountered it. Though he is convinced that its camera no longer works, he is suspicious  that it may be operating with other censors. I say we just take it easy.


Day Thirty Three #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Another unexpected encounter this morning. I had made the first leg and was about to stay put to allow Lyle to take his turn, when an intruder dropped in. I discovered another thing about it – it only has one camera and that was pointed away from me.

So, I had ample time to scurry to cover. I can only suppose that since we have not been out in this quadrant before, that this must be another terminus in its routine pattern. I breathed a sigh of relief when it turned back and retraced its path whence it came.

Lyle and I debated at day’s end and we’re reasonably confident that we will soon be beyond its reach.

So we hope.

Day Thirty Two #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We have found a new camp, and it will hopefully be of short duration.

Our leapfrog strategy worked perfectly. One just has to take it slow and deliberate and be completely aware of what you’re doing. No wool gathering (of the mental variety) allowed.

There were no signs of any intruder activity. There was, however the old man at the gate. Lyle missed him, a matter of timing most likely. When I went by, there he was. He almost ducked down, but seeing it was too late, he resigned to being discovered and waved me over. We exchanged pleasantries and discovered mutual sympathies. I invited him to join us, but he declined. He is content to stay.

No intruders near.

Day Thirty One #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

A semi-day of rest (need to catch up on those). Observe the intruder back on its normal patterns and with a lesser frequency. Puzzling. Neither of us had seen the like before.

We decide to decamp from here tomorrow if the pattern remains the same. We have all we need from here, and Lyle is becoming anxious to be underway.

Our eyes turn to the mountains trying to discern what we will run into there. Yesterday there were clouds, today they are gone.

Rufus sits in his cage unruffled. He seems to sense a change in the air. He also keeps the mountains in view, favoring that side over all the others. A change of viewpoint will be welcome.

Day Thirty #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Lots of progress. We now have two working drones, and we can control them while on the move.

We also have mapped all of the routes that the intruder uses. We should be able to plot a path north that will avoid her area of influence.

Work most of the day learning to co-ordinate the movements of our drones. What seems to work best is a leapfrog arrangement. Lyle covers for me while I move forward with mine, then cover for him as he moves forward with his.

We had decided to move out tomorrow, but all of a sudden the intruder’s movement pattern has changed. The question is – was it because she has detected our movements? Must know.

Day Twenty Eight #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Feet dog-tired this evening. Seems we covered every building within a five block radius. Lyle in the morning again, and me in the afternoon. I stayed out about six hours. Though neither of us turned up the needed component, I did not return empty handed.

Between us we now have enough foodstuffs to allow us to concentrate on the drone part the next couple of days.

While out I again saw the intruder. Judging by the time and space, we must be on its regular route. This fact should make it easier to track back to its lair.

So another reason to focus our efforts tomorrow. Perhaps we should go out together and not worry about the home base.

Day Twenty Seven #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Rufus may be a better watch dog than the drones we are trying to bring online. Lyle and I were safely hidden away well before the intruder buzzed into view.

We each gave him a treat from our foragings of the day.

Lyle launched his drone this afternoon and it has already plotted out our current perimeter. It will stay in this immediate area, whereas mine, when operational, we have decided, will venture further afield. However, we are short one crucial component, which I am hopeful, will soon pop up in one of our expeditions.

I am also hopeful that we will find the source of the intruder. It would tell us if they are friendly or not.

Eyes open.

Day Twenty Four #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

A fitful night for both of us. I woke up late only to find that Lyle was up and out already. At first I panicked (I have desertion issues), but then I realized that he left a breakfast for me, and he had talked about the need to stock up before we leave civilization for the north.

I ate, then went in search of Lyle, found him and lent a hand.

Besides the food, what I really want to find is our own intruder. Preferably a stealth version, one with a short tether. No sense making us too visible and we want to stay mobile, not tied down to a big base. It might be worthwhile to stay here awhile.

Day Twenty Three #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We took a circuitous route to the second bridge and spent the night under the near end on the shelf. Lyle confirmed to me that he did at one time occupy this space, but moved to better accommodate his pigeons.

With no sign of the intruder this morning, we continued to retrace my steps, crossing the bridge to the south bank.

Nearing the subterranean section I cautioned Lyle on what could lay ahead, and steeled myself. It could be a perfect place for the intruder to lie in wait for us.

Lyle did not think so. He released his lone pigeon, which flew the length and back. No problem. And so it proved for us. We reclaimed my former camp.

Day Twenty Two #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

It seems strange to be traveling with some one, after doing so alone for so long. I can’t get used to another conversation ongoing outside of my head.

I can tell that it’s hard for Lyle too. There comes a point when silence falls between us, then it seems both of us are reluctant to shatter the peace that has descended. It grows the longer we remain tight-lipped.

As it turns out that was a good thing. Otherwise we might not have been clued in on the need to alter our course when the danger arose.

It came when the wind changed directions. That turned both our heads. We saw it coming and thankfully it did not see us.