The Fairy Diary Day 315 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

At first glance the visage of the king of these dwarves, Artoxon, was beyond grim. His sternness grew in our estimation when he declared that we had been observed laying our traps in and about the Low-way. Acts which made us suspect to him. 

We were quick to explain that our actions were merely a precaution aimed against the forces of the dark elves. I added that we had been completely unaware of their presence and apologized for our ignorance. 

Dunfallon stepped forward and offered to lead Artoxon’s dwarves to each and every trap and remove them immediately. 

After a long silence in which Artoxon’s face softened from a stony scowl to a smiling acceptance, he declared that removing them would not be necessary. Rather he would accept them as a gift from us for the defense of his kingdom. 

Then we sat down to discuss what we could do for one another.


Day Nine Hundred Forty Three #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We were separated this morning and questioned. Then were reunited hours later in an holding cell with a dozen other prisoners. Our one common denominator-lack of the mark upon our bodies.

I moved to Elijah’s side and was about to ask him about his interrogation, when I realized that he didn’t want to speak with so many listening ears.

We seized the opportunity later when the other prisoners were moved out.

We were puzzled at the apparent ignorance of our interrogators here. Those in Damascus appeared to know who we were, but showed more interest in Elijah’s staff. (Perhaps they thought that by its possession they’ve rendered him powerless).

None of their suspicions appear to have followed us here.

Day Five Hundred Thirty #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

As predicted we arrived just off our destination in the early afternoon. There was a lot of traffic – more coming out than going in. We took our place in line, and waited our turn.

The Captain came to me to ask after Elijah. The last I knew he was going to the special cabin, so I replied that he was more than likely still there. The Captain then inquired if Elijah had any plans to go ashore.

I had to plead ignorance.

Not wanting to disturb him, we waited.

Elijah emerged around the time our turn to enter port came up. Unbidden he declared we were not going ashore, saying this city is completely given over to the dark one.

Day One Hundred Eighty Four #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The white hot fervor of the people has cooled, and is replaced by lethargy. I have seen the phenomenon over and over again.

Nothing stirs from the city, no action of any kind. The drone activity has ceased, but I can only qualify that as to its overt manifestation.

Who knows what they may be up to? Soon ignorance on that score will stoke the monster of fear and the people’s mood will swing again. What is lacking is maturity.

Lyle sees growth in our people in these matters. It is his opinion that this problem is more rife in the people who oppose us. He predicts that that will give in to their fears and accuse us of wickedness.