The Fairy Diary Day 307 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

After our huddle upon rising from our rest, my pendant became warm to the touch and flashed intermittently. It may have been due to a message that came in on the scroll from the High Fairy. 

It brought news that Nililitil’s forces had finally been able to break into the canyonlands’ entrance to this passage which we now know to be the dwarf Low-way. 

What they found was most disturbing. All the dark elves in that vicinity had expired in place. What had been a formidable host the day before was now a carpet of empty husks. 

Nililitil’s forces fell over one another in fleeing the sight. They did not want to fall prey to whatever had destroyed the dark elves. 

Merlin will investigate and asks us to stay where we are for now, and to summon him to this place when the High Fairy messages next.

The Fairy Diary Day 221 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The Laguayil council was abuzz with activity when we were summoned thence this morning. Without the usual ceremonies or niceties Nililitil demanded that we hand over all the red seeds we had taken away from the field. Evidently they were not aware that we already had experience with the eyes behind their husks. 

Noralei gladly surrendered the seeds to their official magi and asked the boon of comparing notes with him to better understand the nature of the tiny red grains. 

Nililitil then softened his stance and invited the rest of us to join with them to combat the return of a great evil. 

We all agreed in so much as it comports with our own mission. 

Nililitil grudgingly agreed to that stipulation, but then surprised us with the request that we contact Merlin for his help.