The Fairy Diary Day 176 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I am so angry with Dunfallon I could spit feathers. 

It was all a prank of course. I’ve been at it all day trying to explain that to Cawthrup and his people. Matters have been complicated by the fact that six of their lambs drowned after falling into a stream. That fact has hit Dunfallon very hard. He has such a soft spot for all creatures. He has tried to make amends and has appeared before the humans promising reparations. What exactly he plans to give them as reparations I have no clue. And neither I fear does he. 

Finally I just expressed our regret over the whole incident. And then moved on to what needed to be said today. I told them what the High Fairy had revealed to me, and I urged them all to return to their land and homes. Further I said that they were free to choose but let it be known that dire consequences await all who remain. 

With that I gathered Rumble and Dunfallon and Noralei to me and held up Merlin’s pendant and summoned the wizard. 

And true to his word he came and spirited us away.


The Fairy Diary Day 175 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Before settling in last night I wrote out a new message to the High Fairy, asking his advice in this situation. I felt so uneasy about those who will not return to their farms. Yet who am I to oppose them? Nimrood had not included a command to do so in his proclamation. Just a notice that all was now safe to return. 

I must resolve this soon for as Merlin has been so clear our presence is required elsewhere. 

I was so glad and relieved to receive an answer from his excellency this morning. 

He stated that since we are not their rulers we are safe to allow them to choose their course. Yet he cryptically added that I must warn them that there will be consequences in the near future and they will be forced to return. 

I was on my way to relay this message to Cawthrup when an uproar broke out among the humans. 

As their agitation died down I was able to learn that someone or something had rounded up all their livestock and took them away. 

I felt thwarted all over again as I felt I could not give them the other message in this instance. Instead I offered to help them recover their animals.

The Fairy Diary Day 133 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We are at a standstill. Dunfallon brought back the news that the outpost at our front is occupied – by humans. They are armed and vigilant and sent a flight of arrows after the pixie. (Though I presume all they saw was the eagle).

Rumble says they are similarly alert on the approaches from the ground. 

Because of the way it is situated – nestled in the hollow of a canyon – he could not scout the other side. 

We could fly up and over the cliffs to either side, but Dunfallon believes there are lookouts stationed along both sides. (From where I stand I do see one tower built on the right hand side).

My companions think we should try anyway. 

But I question if this might be the time. Would it be best to go in and introduce ourselves? And ask to be taken to their leader, Nimrood?

The Fairy Diary Day 127 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Until today Rumble’s frustration over the uselessness of the maps he had drawn knew no bounds. Nothing had lined up from any of his sources. But now we have struck what must be the main highway that should lead us to the capital city of the humans – Azhnastria.  

All looks untouched by any invading armies. 

If the maps are now useful they indicate we are still a long way from the capital – with many posts and forts situated on the approaches. 

We may yet see live humans again. 

For now, we have the road to ourselves. And we shall hurry on the best we can.

The Fairy Diary Day 124 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Dunfallon was first upon the scene of a vast slaughter. He hurried us forward with descriptions of the remains of a battle. Clearly the combatants were humans and trolls, judging by the bodies splayed open to the skies. With here and there an occasional wolf carcass. 

There was no easy way around, as it spread in both directions as far as we could see.

We stopped to discuss whether to cross through the battlefield or not. It was a short discussion for we all agreed we needed to do so – if only to learn something more about the enemy. 

Dunfallon led the way and kept a tally on the way. There were far and away more human bodies than trolls. So we concluded that the troll army had been the victors. 

Yet gaining the other side which was the high ground we could not make out where, if at all, the victors left the field. 

The eeriness of the place dampened all our spirits. 

The Fairy Diary Day 95 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Rumble checked in with me today for two reasons. First to say he progresses with his studies about humans. And second he thought it best to hear my input on what else he should do. 

I encouraged him in his endeavors. And suggested he locate a detailed map of their land. 

He replied that he knew just where to look. But before he left he asked if I had seen Dunfallon. 

It turns out that neither of us had seen our pixie friend all day long. 

So I took it upon myself to track him down. 

I spent a frustrating hour in the village to no result. And a trip out to the pasture revealed a contented goat but no Dunfallon. 

At last I did find him deep in conversation with Merlin’s owl. As I saw he was fitfully employed, I left satisfied to pursue my own assignments. 

The Fairy Diary Day 84 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We were stuck for quite some time waiting under cover while a caravan of humans passed by on a road. They were traveling with all their possessions in wagons and carts and some with just packs on their backs. Looking at the great number of them caused me to wonder what had them on the move. 

We crossed the road during a long break in their column and once on the other side I had Rumble wait with the guards while Dunfallon and I shadowed the next group of humans. 

That is how I satisfied my curiosity. We learned that the poor creatures have been run off of their lands by an enemy that may be the same as ours. 

If so, that may mean the darkness has changed fronts.

The Fairy Diary Day 15 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

My pendant has glowed brighter and warmer today. So I am confident I am closing in on Rumbletwist. 

There have been no further messages from the High Fairy which makes me happy. Another indication that I am where I need to be. What I would like is a little more direction as to what to do when I catch up with Rumble. 

At least I know he cannot evade me with that cloak of his. And because he does not know that, I should be able to surprise him. 

At one point my progress was held up by the passage of some humans in wagons and on horseback. 

I would have chanced flying above them if not for the archer picking off birds in that vicinity.

The Fairy Diary Day 14 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Pixies and humans. Thoughts about those dangers are crowding out those that should be focused on catching Rumble. 

Finally I concluded that I was under-armed against the growing likelihood of an unwanted encounter. 

I stopped when I happened across a yew tree and quickly fashioned more arrows to fill up my quiver. 

While thus engaged, a dark cloud passed in front of the sun. And in the sudden coolness my mind’s eye again saw Rumble at the time he disappeared before me. 

And I knew – to my chagrin – that he must be shielded with an invisibility cloak. 

Why this had escaped me until then haunted me the rest of the day.

The Fairy Diary Day 13 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I am now a long, long way from Nonin-gal-dith and I am getting homesick. My pendant has remained warm, so I was confident I was on the right path. 

But I have had two different thoughts battling for my attention today. And I fear again they are slowing me down. 

I know there are no other fairy habitations out this way, but I have seen signs that pixies are settled near some breaks in the woods where meadows flourish. 

Thankfully my path led me away from them. So I am sure Rumble is avoiding them too.  

The other concern surfaced when my path crossed one that clearly was made by humans. 

A worse problem than pixies.