The Fairy Diary Day 154 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I felt I had to apologize to Merlin. Somehow in the heat of battle I had gripped the pendant and summoned him without meaning to. He graciously forgave me and then added with a wink, “You knew you needed me.”

Today we toured the battlefield with Merlin and the king. The siege works were empty. And reports came in that the troll camps were deserted too, with the enemy in full retreat throughout the human territories. 

Nimrood lavished his praise and thanks to Merlin and the High Fairy, who soon bid goodbye and disappeared without ceremony. 

The king then turned his attention to Rumble and asked to be introduced to the fairies who inhabit his parklands – but Rumble begged off with the simple explanation that they were not yet confident enough to show themselves to anyone beyond their own circle. 

The king declared that he understood their reticence but protested that he would burst if could not express his awe and wonder for the service of so many. Then his gaze alighted upon Dunfallon and there and then he made the pixie a noble in his kingdom.

Here’s hoping the honor doesn’t go to his head. 


The Fairy Diary Day 111 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We have observed a swarm of activity in and around and above the frontier town. They are fairy troops. But whose?

Dunfallon led us to a thicket just beyond the last barracks. He and Rumble settled on it before the latter went off on his own. So, we are now in a good position to strike out over the border into the human territories.

While we waited for Rumble to rejoin us, Dunfallon went out to test the border for any magical defenses. Noralei and I, between us, kept Willie in thrall and calm. 

Overall, I felt restless. Being separated from two of our number did not help. 

Leaving Noralei with the Wisp, I left the center of the thicket the better to watch for Rumble. In the heat of the afternoon there, a shadow passed over me and I looked up to see that flight of black birds, their number having grown since yesterday. 

And I rejoiced to see my pixie friend swoop down out of the sun on his golden eagle.

The Fairy Diary Day 103 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Silence reigned over the first half of the day as we were each caught up with our own thoughts. There was much to mull over – the result of our lively conversation of the night before. 

At issue – what should we do about the four fairy villages that lie between Nonin-gal-dith and the frontier to the human territories. Should we as Dunfallon desires take them as they come and just pass through? It would satisfy his natural curiosity. Or should we avoid them altogether as the ever suspicious Rumble prefers? Noralei sides with the pixie, but only to take advantage of any information that could come our way about our ultimate destination. 

As for me, I can see merits in each view. But I do lean towards Rumble’s belief in caution. Especially because of the need to maintain such a close watch on Willie. 

From the afternoon onwards we debated the question under the leafy canopy of our route. We even heard from Willie – who wants to go home. He at least remains civil and not shrill. 

For now I have time before I make the final decision. The High Fairy has made it clear that it should solely rest with me. And he expects me to lead.