The Fairy Diary Day 311 #TFDbyRWOz2

The Narrator writes:

I was struck with horror upon checking the diary today. 

There on the page was the single word “Then” followed by a scrawl that filled the remainder of the page. 

It filled me with a horrible apprehension for my friends traveling the Low-way of the dwarves.


Day One Thousand One Hundred Ninety Seven #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The number of Moglen’s men packing the crate multiplied today. So they quickly and easily attained the high place.

We observed the proceedings with Tomas from our position, while Reuben and Sy watched from theirs.

My hopes rose after the crate was opened and I saw the idol laying there in pieces. I thought it was broken. But as it turned out it was in pieces only for transport.

Moglen arrived and supervised its reassembly.

The monstrosity was set in place above the stone altar before the afternoon was consumed.

That was when a commotion erupted down in the redoubt. To our horror Magwich had arrived and launched an assault to free Mawuli. They were all cut down and killed.