The Fairy Diary Day 225 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

A lengthy message from the High Fairy was waiting on the scroll for me this morning. Fitting I am sure after my equally long missive to him of yesterday. There is still no word on Merlin. His castle now is completely unencumbered from the hornets’ nest and his excellency is sifting through clues in his library. 

His main concern at present is for us and our new allies. He is of the opinion that Laguayil may be the next target for an attack. He surmises that whenever and wherever the spies of the enemy are eradicated (i.e. the ugly black plants) they are alerted and consequently launch those black birds that are either the harbinger or the beings that transform into the hornet hordes. 

I met with the Laguayil council and laid before them this possible threat. 

We passed the rest of the day discussing what we can do to stave off disaster.


The Fairy Diary Day 222 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

It was a difficult session that ran long into the night as we explained what little we knew about what may or may not have happened to Merlin. The most trying part was justifying our silence about it in the first place. 

Nililitil wanted to send a contingent of his wisest elves to the wizard’s castle to help break through the surrounding hornets’ nest. I, at the last, convinced him that the fairies had it well in hand. And I would share any news that we receive from the High Fairy. 

I did restate Dunfallon’s theory that Merlin was not there at all, but off reconnoitering the enemy on his own. This satisfied the leader of the elves. 

We had a confirmation of sorts this morning. A message from the High Fairy reported that his fairies had broken their way into Merlin’s castle – and the wizard was not within. 

And on the heels of that news Dunfallon’s golden eagle arrived to be with his pixie master.

The Fairy Diary Day 215 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We now have a stream to follow again. At first the only sound was its babbling. Then the birds began to return. Their songs were welcome, but their presence meant the possible return of more dangerous animals. 

As we went along we debated taking to the air. After going around and around with Dunfallon we agreed to do so only in emergency situations. 

I took out the scroll to write another message to the High Fairy and found one from him. 

His excellency was at Merlin’s castle, or rather outside of it. It is entirely encased in a hornets’ nest. There was no sign of the wizard nor of any of its other denizens. 

He has sent for some fairy troops to aid him in investigating further. And encouraged us to continue on.