The Fairy Diary Day 181 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Our consult with Merlin has lasted all night and into the day. Dunfallon’s discovery has led to more questions than answers. When shown the source of the entity acting through the Wisp, the wizard proclaimed to us that there is nothing out there. Not in our current time. 

Rumble seized on that fact and asked permission to delve into his library. Merlin pointed him to the most likely section and assigned the owl to assist. Dunfallon stepped up and volunteered to help with the history books, leaving his friend free to concentrate on the geography ones. 

Merlin turned to Noralei and together they tried to divine what information may have been transferred to our adversary. 

They were soon deep in conversation and suddenly I felt alone and worthless. 

I went out for a walk on the rampart. And thus was the first to see the arrival of the High Fairy, flush with news from Nonin-gal-dith and beyond. 


Day Seven Hundred Thirteen #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Our track southward took us well away from a view of the pass, so we surmised as we set out again this morning that the bulk of the army must have passed by the point at which we left it.

It is hard letting go of past responsibilities and moving on to the next. Especially when that next one is not clear. But as Elijah is fond of expressing we are alive to the ultimate end, and even though such knowledge is valuable for weighing various opportunities as they present themselves, the Word of the Spirit is the final arbiter.

Struck by this the Captain read to me from the history of a man called Paul, a friend of Yeshua.

In the beginning of June 2005 I was toying with some ideas that I thought could make a good sequel to 2004’s National Treasure. Like the original it had those elements that excited me – adventure and history. I jotted notes on my morning bus ride to work.
The day after I started writing Rebel Treasure, the press announced that a sequel to National Treasure was in the works. For reasons that I will go into later, I kept on with the project.
2007 saw the release of National Treasure Book of Secrets. Eerily many of the same ideas in my script popped up in this film. Though perhaps it shouldn’t be considered too strange, given that they had settled on the same historical time period that I had chosen.
This I mention as one of the reasons I am going to serialize my script Rebel Treasure on this blog. It would certainly not be made now, mainly for the similarities, (and for another I believe the production costs would be prohibitive).
There is another reason that I want to do this. I am in the throes of completing my stage play The OutR Dark, and want to move immediately from that to my next project a new screenplay. Serializing it on my blog will keep its content flowing (I’ll still on occasion put up a memory or two), and free up my writing time for these two projects.
Beginning tomorrow, Rebel Treasure will unspool on the pages of this blog.

So stay tuned and Watch This Space.