The Fairy Diary Day 199 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We continued along the stream, even as it began to ess back and forth wending between hillocks on both sides.  Thankfully its overall direction comes back to our desired heading. 

Rumble encourages the growth of the plants as we go along. It is quite refreshing to walk among these burgeoning trees and the coolness they supply. 

Noralei paused frequently beside the water to gaze into its depths. I did as well and caught sight of something moving beneath its surface. 

Before I could stop her, Noralei rushed in to take hold of a silver flash. Whatever it was, streaked away with Noralei hugging it with all her might. 

Dunfallon and Rumble joined me in pursuit of our friend. Rumble and I took to flight. And the pixie summoned his eagle. 

But whatever we were pursuing was faster than our wings could fly, so we let Dunfallon take over. 

We could only look on helplessly as our friends disappeared from our view.


Day Seven Hundred Seventy Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The wide prairie was lost to our view as we wandered among the hillocks. There being no clearly marked path, Tomas kept us pointed in a northerly direction as best he could. To that end he would climb one of the hilltops to check at regular intervals.

On one such occasion, he returned to us to report an armed group passing through on the other side.

We stayed in place while Tomas and Mei climbed to the top of a higher hilltop to observe them.

They were gone quite some time.

It turns out that Mei left Tomas to follow them, bringing back the news that they entered a village not too far distant.

She believes them to be hunters.