The Fairy Diary Day 319 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

After resting at one of the villages belonging to the dwarf miners we encountered two more dwarves passing in the opposite direction. They bore more riches to add to the wealth of Artoxon. Fliget knew both of them, so they were willing to share news about the way ahead. 

They had to skirt around a lot of activity down by the passage that is our goal. Dark elves were sniffing around looking for the hidden doorway. They seemed unconcerned that their foes may be successful soon. (Understandable, as in that case the dark elves would be led away, leaving Artoxon’s dwarves safe in their hidden kingdom). 

Before parting Gnoston and Dunfallon warned them about the traps that had been set. And asked them not to disturb them.