Hands of the Living God

Temptation of St Anthony by H Bosch

Sinner before the Lord’s tribunal
Held in the Hands of the living God
For the Lord’s not just judge but witness
To all your years as you trod the sod

Not summoned before a peer-made jury
But to face all alone His hell bound fury
Perhaps you think it’s all been fated
Kept in the Hands of the living God

Hanging uneven ‘tween hell and Heaven
What would tip the scales to bring them even?
With what now can they be freighted?
Held by the Hands of the living God

With breath in silence bated
Not even a single wrong unstated
Know you not
The judge who passes sentence
Whose final word is final law
No longer waits for you
To take stock of what you’ve done

What will be the final decision
Was it His or was it yours all along
When you crawled from the Hands of the living God


Rich are the Days

Rich are the days

“Rich are the days,
They fall in line
Naught can hurt me or mine.”

You’ve heard them

One trusts in riches
The other in the Lord
Two voices,
These same words
Fill their mouths
From the heart’s overflow

One rings hollow
As false as hell
The other tolls
Sweet and bright
As true as a bell.


dead in Hell

dead in Hell

I saw
Death today
he wore
a pretty face
Some say
he became her
I say
he wore her
with little grace

All due to
An Heart left
Open to
The foul birds
of the air

One drop
Sets in motion
Ripplings of death

A chase to
The mirror’s reflection
Up hill
day after day

Pulled along
To push that burden
No song
To lighten the step

Dead in hell
Alive to pain