Day Two Hundred Fifty Three #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We have retaken our place beside the lake from which we caught some trout, so long ago, the trout that Elijah seasoned with the hazelnuts which were discovered by Clarissa.

Elijah thought it good to take one more day to prepare before launching into the city on our next quest.

So, after a lunch of fresh trout (without hazelnuts) we climbed up out of the valley that cradles the lake in order to get a closer look at the city.

We had to go a considerable distance to rise above the tree line and gain an unobstructed view.

Its wall appears intact, though the skyline beyond is not what I remember. Hit by the fire from heaven?


Day Fifty Eight #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Our way was blocked today. I’m afraid there is no going further by this route. This time it was not the drones that alerted us, but rather a sweep by Rufus and Clarissa.

We’ve decided to pitch camp and explore our options before retracing our steps. Besides I saw Clarissa trying to crack a hazelnut that she had found.  Upon further examination of the location I discovered dozens of heavily laden hazelnut trees. We’re at least getting something out of our dead end.

We’re not being watched, nor are we being followed, so we have no anxiety on either count. Neither of us want to have a misstep and disappoint the one who is calling us. We are human though.