The Fairy Diary Day 291 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

When Merlin did not appear immediately we assumed he had more pressing concerns. In the meantime we bandied ideas amongst ourselves. 

Noralei wants to release all those shackled in the treasury and move them to a safer place. Rumble and Dunfallon want to secure the dragon egg and remove it completely. 

We heard from the High Fairy first and learned from him that Merlin had accompanied some fairy troops down into the canyonlands, pursuing a contingent of dark elves. Both the wizard and his excellency believe these dark elves may be headed our way. 

The moment I finished reading the message, Merlin was at my elbow. 

“We must be quick about this,” was all he said. We lead him down to the treasury. He lifted the egg from its golden nest and deposited it in his haversack. 

“I must hasten. I shall carry it to lay with the other for safe keeping. Then I must rejoin Nililitil to protect Laguayil.”

Noralei brought up the goblins, asking what we should do about them.

The wizard told us to look deeper in the shaft. We should locate the goblin king – free him – and he’ll know what to do to release his kind. 

About to leave Merlin turned back and added “Enlist him to meet the return of the dark elf forces. He should help you.”