The Fairy Diary Day 593 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The sight that greeted me upon descending from the Caretaker’s office this morning, almost made me forget what I came down to report. For there in the assembly area, were weapons standing in rank and file – all on their own – no soldiers wielding them. Dunfallon was passing among them, shouting orders. And spears thrust and swords slashed and halberds chopped at the pertinent command. 

I asked the pixie where the others were, and he answered that I could find everyone else in the shop. 

I heard a great clatter coming from within that chamber well before I turned in through its doors. Rumble and Navril were racing about collecting and stacking the wood that Merlin was fashioning into boards of various shapes and sizes. And Noralei and Gibley were hard at work assembling boxes and wagons – I assume with which to transport Dunfallon’s “army.”

All their activity halted when the wizard came over to me. He asked if I had found the High Fairy. I had to tell him no – but that there was lots of shaking going on in the Sprites’ village. I told him it was constant and I could not see how it could remain standing much longer. 

Merlin announced that we would be leaving for the Sprites’ village early in the morning. And beckoned everyone back to their tasks.

I returned to the Caretaker’s office and resumed my vigil.