The Fairy Diary Day 236 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The main topic (and debate) among us revolved around when we should depart on our mission. But first we had a fundamental disagreement to resolve. 

Dunfallon wants either Geog to accompany us to the coast on our prophesied path, or take the troll back with him to Dromadil in hopes of learning something about his brother Grimace. 

The discussion was heating up, when before I could relate my vision, Noralei stood and asked to speak for me. 

So while the pixie and the troll listened, she laid out the facets of my dream of a few days past. She looked at Dunfallon and stated simply that he had to be with the fairies to fulfill the vision.  And since a troll did not figure in my dream, Geog’s destiny must lay elsewhere. 

An icy silence followed. 

I was the first to speak and proposed that Dunfallon and Geog take the time to consider their next step. 

And I declared that tomorrow we leave for the coast. 

The Fairy Diary Day 170 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Dunfallon rejoined us this morning. He reported that all is well up on the hill. Almost before he finished, Geog and Grimace collected him to introduce him around to their family and show him the sights. 

I told him to hold himself at the ready for an eminent departure. 

Meanwhile I was still awaiting a reply from the High Fairy. 

Trimbeard, the father of our troll friends was a great aid to our mission. At his sons’ suggestion he had sent out some of his people to scout for the refugees.

They discovered a pass upon which a great company had travelled. So they now know how to direct us in our search. 

I wanted to start immediately, and would have, except for a new message from the High Fairy. 

His excellency commends our present course of action, but asks after Noralei and writes that she must be with us.

The Fairy Diary Day 169 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Merlin has been quite thorough in his assessment of our situation. He commended us for our industry in seeking out the displaced farmers. So Rumble and I were feeling supreme satisfaction with his approval. That is until he brought up the High Fairy. The minute the wizard asked if we had heard anything from his excellency I realized that I had not so much as written a single word to him. And had not thought to ask for his direction. 

Nor had I even checked for any message from him. 

I felt horrible. And even more so after I looked on the scroll and there saw the same question from him – written over and over again. “Where are you?”

I wrote back immediately. A long message detailing all our movements. 

By this morning I still had no answer. We left for the troll village down in the valley. For after all it is our commitment. Our promise to keep. At least we do have Merlin’s approval, and Geog and Grimace started the celebration the minute we arrived. 

The Fairy Diary Day 167 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I awoke this morning from a deeper than usual sleep. I was thankful that it was not disturbed by dreams or waking visions. But I immediately knew something was wrong. 

Only one pendant was suspended around my neck. The one Merlin gave me was missing. 

The memory of Tog’s curiosity leapt to my mind. So I went in search of the pixie chief. 

And could not locate him. Nor indeed had anyone seen him since last night. 

In the middle of my dilemma, Geog returned from below. He brought news that all are welcome to come down to a clan meeting that the trolls are convening.  But I felt I could not go until I found my pendant. Rumble and Dunfallon agreed and we told the brothers to go on without us. 

They were reluctant at first until I suggested they could be a big help if they were to look for Tog and my pendant down in the valley. A homesick Grimace was quick to comply. 

So with some of Dunfallon’s new friends we scoured the secret places in and around the pixie burrow.

The Fairy Diary Day 166 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Dunfallon happily volunteered to join the all night vigil with his fellow pixies to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon they have reported. He was ecstatic to be in their number. 

Yet it was all for naught. 

Morning came and they had nothing to report. Tog believes that our presence has driven them away, and he is highly complementary of us because of this. 

It was decided that Geog will go down to feel out his kin on their attitudes before bringing two fairies and an unknown pixie into their midst. 

Grimace is content to remain up here with old acquaintances and to help Dunfallon compare notes. 

I passed the day with Tog. He had much to tell me about the human refugees. And he had questions himself – he was most curious about my pendants.

The Fairy Diary Day 165 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

My rest was disturbed last night. I thought I saw lights floating in and around the trees. Come the morning light I was still not sure whether I had been awake at all or just dreaming. No one else mentioned seeing anything out of the ordinary. 

Perhaps it was only a portent for our day. 

We crossed the ridge of the hill at noon and got our first view of the lovely little valley where the trolls dwell. Geog veered off of the shortcut track saying the pixie burrow was over among a stand of pines. 

Before the trolls took two steps we were met by an unwelcoming committee. They recognized our troll brothers, but forbid them (and us) to come forward until they got a closer look at them. 

When Geog and Grimace passed their inspection, our trolls introduced us to their leader – a wizened old pixie (they consider him a sage) named Rumbletog. (I know, I’ll have to call him something else to avoid confusion). 

He gathered us in a special place where they meet with their oversized neighbors. 

A short explanation made all clear. The troll brothers’ family had believed that they had become renegades by leaving the valley. 

It was the first indication that all may not be well below. 

But all is not well up here either, for they turned to us for help. They have been haunted by glowing sprites in their pines every night. 

The Fairy Diary Day 164 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

This may be a short cut that Geog has put us on, but once we reached the hills certain sections have been anything but short. When Rumble and I choose to fly over some obstacles, we arrive well in advance of the others, resulting in a long wait while the troll brothers catch up. So our progress has been stop and go. 

And at times longer pauses were required while Grimace recovered from a tumble down the hill. 

I preferred that Dunfallon would take to the air too. But he sticks close to the trolls as they tell him that some pixie bands have their burrows above on the hill crest and he does not want to risk overshooting the mark and missing his chance to meet them. He knows that when we stop in at the trolls I will not want to backtrack to see these pixies. 

I feel I must give Dunfallon the lead in this matter. It is one of the main reasons that brought us out here and besides they just might have some information crucial to our mission.

The Fairy Diary Day 161 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

There is something about the coolness of the woods on a hot day that is so refreshing. But Geog mentioned to Dunfallon (and the pixie to us), that it was much too quiet hereabouts. No bird song and hardly a breeze to rustle the leaves. 

I had noticed the lack of such sounds in our surroundings too. But was thankful for the absence of those black birds spying on us. 

Our focus was drawn elsewhere when Dunfallon discovered a broken down cart a ways off the road. It was the kind farmers use, like those we saw being drawn by the refugees months ago. 

Clearly it was no longer usable so I decided we should scour the vicinity for the former owners. 

It was Rumble who turned up a human family hidden in a hovel on the opposite side of the road. 

With some difficulty I was able to get them to come out. (One sight of Geog and Grimace had them quaking). 

Only when we brought out the king’s proclamation did they finally relax.

The Fairy Diary Day 159 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The ends of the fields are in sight. The plain ahead gives way to hills, and mountains rise behind them. Geog and Grimace say that their home lies in a high valley behind the second chain of hills. 

But we are left to wonder how close we are to the refugees. Surely they did not press as far as the territories held by the trolls and pixies. 

When I conjectured that possibility Geog rejected it as not necessarily so and argued that they could have avoided any contact with his people and done so easily. It all depends on how deep was the fear that drove them. They might possibly have passed through the mountain passes to the land beyond. 

I sincerely hope not given the state of their fields.

The Fairy Diary Day 158 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Overnight there has been a marked difference in the fields we have passed through. Rumble thinks it imperative for the refugee farmers to return soon, as their crops will need to be harvested. 

We didn’t know but we soon had a more pressing problem. The troll brothers found a cache of iron weapons abandoned in a field and innocently brought them into us. Dunfallon stopped them well in advance of any danger, and had the two fling the rusty swords away. Then, he explained the harm such metal things could have to fairies. (I begin to wonder if we should have asked Noralei to take the enchanted cloth barrier with us).

Both Geog and Grimace were so contrite afterwards, to the point that I had to reassure them that we – Rumble and I, held no ill will towards them.

Dunfallon piped up saying in effect that he would beat them both silly if they ever did it again. Then he laughed uproariously at their blank expressions. 

The troll brothers were quick to react to his boastful banter with trollish mirth. And in the hollow we found ourselves they sounded like an army laughing.