Day Forty Six PM #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

No sign of Lyle. He probably won’t be back today.

I continued a grid search of the area for rope. Nothing. But I am edging ever nearer to the section where we last sighted an intruder. I am taking it slower and slower. Can’t be too cautious.

Clarissa stays close. And she appears perfectly content, without a care in the world. I take it as a good sign.

Spend some time watching the automated processes every time the one gate opens. I realize that a live person will eventually put in an appearance to properly maintain the mechanisms out here. There is only so much machines can do. It would increase the odds of discovery. Pray Lyle gets back soon.


Day Forty One #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

It’s been a very interesting day. It all started off with an alarm. From Clarissa no less. Something spooked her and neither of us have any idea what it was that set her off. (We’ll be grateful later that she has acquired one of Rufus’ more useful skills).

I decided that we were not going anywhere until after we had a few answers to the questions rattling around our brains.

We launched both drones and put them through a grid search. Almost immediately mine picked up a heat signature. When Lyle’s probe passed the same general area it sent back an image of a fox. Chalk it up as the first of many more such encounters. We are both hopeful.