Come with Me Grandpa

Come with Me Grandpa

Come with me, Grandpa
Let’s go and explore
Me you can follow
I’ll go on before
Stay right behind me
Try not to get lost
Let’s take this path
That other is blocked

We will blaze a trail
Of discovery
What will we find?
We won’t know
’til there finally.
Look there a snail
On the bark of that pine.

Shh!  Walk quietly
To get to that spot
A squirrel has a home
Where the tree had a knot
Boost me up on your knee
I’ll have a look-see
A squirrel I seek
But all I see is a beak!

What do you know?
Some unmelted snow
Down hill we’ll slide
Then get up and go.
Or we can make snowballs
Before tumbling up?
Can I fill my cup?

It’s so white and bright
So cool, so soft
It reminds me of home
And my little loft.
Then with arms up lifted
Through a yawn he said
Can you carry me?
And tuck me snug in my bed?”