The Fairy Diary Day 168 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The mystery about my pendant lifted with the morning sun. Out of the mist drawn skyward by its penetrating rays, Merlin joined us, bringing with him a bound Tog at the end of a golden rope. 

The wizard presented to me the missing pendant and he released  the contrite Tog. The pixie chief groveled at my feet and begged my forgiveness. 

I looked to Merlin first. He nodded. And then spoke. “The little fellow was overwhelmed by a desire driven by our enemy. Much like that experienced by your Will’o’the Wisp. But thankfully not rooted in its hatred of fairies.”

I raised Tog to his feet and told him all was well. Dunfallon collected him and accompanied him into the burrow. 

Merlin turned to me with a chuckle. “He was quite surprised to see me instead of his stated wish when he got alone with the pendant. I had him up to my castle and there explained the error of his ways.”

He then discussed things with Rumble and myself.