I Met a Poem

I met a Poem

I met a poem
All unaware
She was one

She did for
The least of these
And was told
Twas for the Son

She submits
Her scheme
To follow
His theme

Her metre
Marking time
To His beat
Her rhymes
Line by line
Toll complete

And raises
Others up
With no thought
To her own

By which was shown
We too can poems be
Songs formed
On the lips of God.


Day Five Hundred Five #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Jordan has not left our side since we discovered one another yesterday. And Elijah wasted no time in seeing to his instruction. He has big plans for him. Or more accurately stated God does.

It has something to do with the people here in the slum, or more specifically with those who have expressed a desire to understand  the meaning of the times in which we live.
The promised things are closer now than ever before.

A battle is ongoing for the allegiance of the peoples of this metropolis. Those in the well-to-do sectors have already surrendered to it, for they clearly see that their continued prosperity depends upon their submission.

Next they will seduce the slums.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

We hide
From each other
From ourselves
From God

We disguise
Our thoughts
Our feelings
Our wounds

He sees
Through our disguises
To where we are hiding
He hears
The cry of our hearts
Of our inmost deep sighing
He knows
Through and through
Inside we are dying

He cares, so…He seeks

He seeks
And will not stop
Having counted the cost
He sweeps
High and low
For the coin that was lost
He braves
The dark, tooth and claw
For the sheep tempest-tossed

He cares, and He desires
That you would care too
And join in the game
And let Him send you.


The One I Love



The one I love

Loves the sea

Down by its roaring edge

She likes to be teased.

She joyously dances

Over each wave that advances

Watching curl upon curl

Unfurl and unfurl.

Now don’t think it odd

I think she is at play with God.


For the one I love

Loves the sea

And from its roaring edge

She smiles her love to me.


Written for my wife, and reposted here in celebration of her birthday month.

Hunger and Thirst

Hunger and Thirst

There is a hunger
that is not of the body.
A hunger that by the soul
only is known.
A thirst for the gentle curve
of another’s face
looking back into your own.

It’s a thirst not often sated.
It’s a hunger often prolonged
Our own desires oft times taint it.
Other times we’ve clearly been wronged.
Either way we come up empty
and in the midst of a famine again.
Instead of the self-promised plenty
we’re left with nary a friend

We begin by others forsaking,
we end by ourselves being forsook.
We never see ourselves making
our lives to others a sealed book.
With a strap and a lock
binding us tight
with the key having locked it
clasped in our fist-
shoved in our pocket
-deep down-
out of sight.

Still the desire within is to be opened –

to be read – and understood-

and loved.

There is One only who can do it.

One tender enough not to tear

the pages as He goes through it.

In fact, He’ll mend and repair

and pour Himself into it

and shoulder each burdensome care.

“Come and eat,” He says, “at my table.”

“Come and drink,” He says, “of my wine.”

“ Come to me,” He says, “I’ll make you able.”

“Come to me,” He says, “abide in my vine.”

“By my side you shall no longer hunger.

“By my side you shall no longer thirst.

“You shall no longer labor under

that despot, sin, for which all is curst.”

True to say
that first time I heard His voice I dared not to answer
at His look I turned and ran the other way
I sensed the cost would mean all of me
and I knew I could not give that away.

Yet He persisted in pursuing me in my flight.
(As He is pursuing you, my dear friend, even now)
For all around us we are finding only deeper night.
(As I am sure if you’re truthful you’ll allow)

So turn, as I did, to enter His Light
Give Him the key to your life
you’ve been holding so tight.
Why get your fill of meaningless strife?

As I lay starving in that uttermost place
I turned and my gaze was drawn His way.
Drawn to the warm, gentle curve of His face-
and I drank in all He had to say,

“I was broken in my body for your hunger.

“Iron spilled my blood for your thirst.”

As my eyes clung to Him, they were opened.
In all His pain He showed me my worst.
“It was for me You bled,” I said.
For all my blackness inside – His heart had burst.
In response to such love I could do nothing less
than find all my joy in putting Him first.

From that day to this
there’s been no turning back
I look to Him so I will not miss
the way or take the wrong path.

Cleaving to His side
I no longer hunger
Leaving all my pride
I no longer thirst
I find I can bear up under
all life’s problems, even the worst.

Now, the desire within

now I am opened.

Is to read of Him

and to Him understand.

For I realize that it’s me He’ll send
(That’s always been part of His plan.)

Sent to love others

so it says, as my very self
and to proclaim to my brothers

that from His table He shares His wealth

and to love Him with all that I can

And to love Him with all that I am.