beauty comes

why is it 
when we see
a picture
perfect sky

something deep
within us
says that 
that is beauty

it pulls
us outside

and engenders 
a longing
for more

when angels
the birth 

and glory
fills the skies
would we see
beauty otherwise

without eyes born new
He will have 
no form
to attract you



Temple Stones

Temple Stones

We then
May not boast
We are in by grace
And grace alone
No effort of our own.
Rough undressed stones
Wrenched from the quarry
Wholly imperfect. 

Yet we shall not thus remain
But another perfection attain
And not by our own volition
Shall we be fitted for addition
Onto the eternal Temple.

Even then
In days of long gone by
And far from Mount Sion
Hammer and chisel
Noised their will
After measured twice
Before taken to Mount Sion
And there builded up
To contain the holy glory.

Thus He does use
The hammer of hardship
And the chisel of trials
Here below
To shape and fit us
To behold the holy glory
There above