The Fairy Diary Day 457 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Our reception in the Faerie Queen’s court, as expected, has been icy. (Not so with the populace which are accommodating and friendly enough – but then again they are not privy as to why we are here). We were dismissed with a nod each and ushered off to our own wing of the palace, where we are being made to wait for word about the time of our hearing. 

The High Fairy was allowed to deliver our petition to her prime minister once we were settled. We can only wonder what will happen next. 

Dunfallon was more restless than usual. He and I were allowed out into the adjacent garden which kept my pixie friend amused for a matter of fifteen wingbeats before his restlessness resurfaced. Before he could climb the wall I talked him back into our apartments to explore the bookshelves in one corner of the room assigned to me. 

Dunfallon found a tome on breeding dragons and I read with interest one which covered in great detail the bell called the Crack of Doom. As I held it in my lap reading, I sensed palpably darkness leaning over my shoulder. 


Day Eight Hundred Eighty Four #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

No groups went out today. It’ll be all or nothing come tomorrow. Jezer has placed himself at my beck and call to supply what I need to repair the drone.

My original list has grown as I’ve installed some of the parts. Some just wouldn’t work nor mesh together. Of major concern was putting in place measures that would keep it under my control and not have it revert back to that of our persecutors.

Thankfully its locator had been removed before it was delivered to us.

Elijah remained in his garden all day, interceding on our behalf. I can sense the good effect of his laboring for our success.

I will content myself by praying for him while working.

Day Eight Hundred Eighty Three #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I worked on the damaged drone all day. I isolated the problems and gave a list of parts to Jezer when he returned from the hiding place.

He promised to have what I need sometime overnight.

Meanwhile Meesa made some calculations and came up with a deadline for us. We need to have everyone out by the day after tomorrow. We will time it to the morning exodus for scrap recovery.

Elijah held up by himself in his new favorite spot – a tiny, little garden, set in the courtyard of the residence Meesa shares with us.

He has chosen to fast until further notice. And to prepare himself for another round of meetings late tonight.

No sleep for me either.

Day Thirty Five #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

No sign at all of an intruder today. We each advanced by four turns. We would have traveled more but we needed to scavenge for food. And we found plenty, even some fresh vegetables in an abandoned garden. Lyle was handy in pointing out the weeds. I would probably have eaten them.

We now have enough to carry us up to the mountains, except for some additional stores for Rufus. They shouldn’t be too hard to find before we depart civilization.

The air was very clear today. The mountains stand out in bold relief, and appear even closer. But I realize that we have many days ahead of us before we arrive in their shadow. Pending further instruction or illumination.