The Fairy Diary Day 113 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I was more than surprised at the identity of the one in charge of the defenses on this frontier. While the others stayed back in our thicket, Rumble took me into the town and there introduced me to Roseberry. 

I already knew him of course from my few days on the fairy council in Nonin-gal-dith. And Rumble knew that I knew him. Still it was all rather a shock. 

There he was in the flashy finery of the commander of fairy troops. 

I could not contain myself and could tell he was insulted when I asked him on whose authority had he acted in coming here. 

He claimed he had acted because the authorities were doing nothing – a course that he roundly condemned. He saw the need and called to his standard those who agreed. And he had found willing recruits from all the towns along the border. 

When it came our turn to answer questions, we informed him of our mission. But instead of thanking us and sending us on our way – he denied us passage. And ordered the rest of our party brought in. 

Only then did I understand the mixed messages of danger my pendant was broadcasting to me the day long.


The Fairy Diary Day 110 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I received two replies from the High Fairy to my message of last night. In the first he stated that he was unaware of any troop movements from the capital to the frontier, especially in light of his understanding with the Queen and his agreement with her about our mission. 

The second followed moments later and was a dire warning. Having contacted the Queen he learned that she had not ordered any extra troops to the frontier. In consequence he advised me to exercise extreme caution in our approach to the frontier town, and to try to find out and report back what actually is going on there. But to remember at all costs to push on in our mission. 

After I shared with my companions, we stopped to discuss our options. We decided that only one of us would go forward while the others would await developments. Rumble was the obvious choice. He knew it and volunteered before being asked. 

After he left I caught Willie smirking from ear to ear.

The Fairy Diary Day 105 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Apparently we were the only travelers headed for the frontier. Everyone we passed today was traveling away from the border. 

Dunfallon waved to each one and got a greeting in return as they passed along. One, a pedlar, tried to sell him some boots, claiming to be a fairy well known among the pixie communities of the north.

Another traveler knew Noralei. So we were held up while they conversed. The man was bowled over that she had left Nonin-gal-dith. He told all of us that rumors were everywhere about unrest on the border. And that human communities were broken up and clogging their roads to the west. (Later I relayed that news to the High Fairy). 

So far, many have stared at our floating cage, but none have asked any questions. Of help has been the cover that Dunfallon created for it. 

And just possibly Willie appreciates being shielded from the heat of the sun. It makes one wonder, could kindness change the hatred the Wisp feels toward fairies?

The Fairy Diary Day 73 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

At first light Rumble and I bid goodbye to our host. I am confident, having seen Gilgorgon and his dwarves in action that this frontier is closed to our mutual enemy. And to lend some extra assistance in our absence we left a present at the direction of the High Fairy – a spell of confusion to any being of ill will attempting to enter the stronghold. 

We made good time up and over the mountain. Around every curve we expected to come upon our pixie friend and his mountain goat. 

But we arrived on the downward slope without a sign of Dunfallon. So we began to think that perhaps our passage was too rapid and we had outpaced our friend. 

Hence we halted and set up camp to wait.