For My Friend John

For my friend John

Hear Hear
Raise up a cheer
For this day
When John is King
Let all within this hallowed hall
His praises gladly sing

With an eye that’s clear
He trains his lens on one
And all
He was there at the ready
At our every beck and call
No one ever charged
“Where were you when it counted?”

Though some may doubt
His royalty
Or dispute the rank thereof
Why twas only yesterday
While we were in the pharmacy
When the man behind the counter
turned and said,
“Your prints, John!”


Day Six Hundred Twenty #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The sun arose unopposed by clouds. It grew warmer each passing minute.

We bid goodbye to our neighbor, thanking him for the cool draft of water his friendship had been to us.

But we had gotten no further than the crossroads when a squad of soldiers blocked our way. Their leader recognized Elijah and ordered his men to arrest him.

Elijah took one step towards them and they fell backward to the ground. Their leader raised a weapon and Elijah merely breathed in his direction.

He was incinerated before our eyes, the flames spreading to the others as they arose to oppose us.

The Captain led the way from there.

Finding the camp empty we pushed on in their wake.

Day Twenty Five #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

A beautiful morning dawned upon us. The mountains off in the distance looked ever more inviting. However, Lyle agrees with me, that we should acquire a drone to take with us. In fact, he is more insistent about it than I am.

I’m beginning to think that we should make it two, one for each of us. You never know when we might split up, and we wouldn’t want to spoil our friendship over such a matter.

We’re checking out the nearby buildings for tech firms or other businesses.

Almost immediately we found a floor in the first building given over to a parcel business who has a whole fleet of them. If we can only get one to work.