The Fairy Diary Day 308 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Much time passed before we heard again from the High Fairy. In the meantime there were rumbles of activity out to our front. Noralei investigated a number of times but could see nothing. 

After the prompting from the High Fairy, I took up the pendant and summoned Merlin. 

We were so glad to see him. For we were at the point of retreating due to the ghostly goings on. The instant he appeared all of it ceased. 

The wizard told us that there is a large army of dark elves between us and the canyonlands’ entrance. The dead discovered there, had been under a frenzy spell that goaded them to their last-ditch effort. Very effective but short lived. Nililitil’s forces have entered once again and have taken up the pursuit. 

Merlin asked for the map from Rumble and drew some new features onto it. But when Dunfallon mentioned that this passage is the Low-way of the dwarves, the wizard’s face turned ashen.

“I must leave immediately for Gilgorgon’s mountain to warn him,” he said. He stated his fear that the dark elves may be drawn to the two dragon’s eggs he left in the dwarves’ care. And added there are stories that a long unused passage from Gilgorgon’s mountain connects to the Low-way of the dwarves.