The Fairy Diary Day 91 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Home. We stabled Dunfallon’s goat, then passed through the daisy chain defenses before high noon. I noticed that they have filled in some areas with cornflowers. They make the fortifications even more formidable. 

The High Fairy met us beyond the last flower ring at the gate to Nonin-gal-dith. Before any greetings he waved his hand over the lantern. The motion silenced Willie mid scream and he dropped off to sleep. 

The High Fairy then greeted each of us in turn. Dunfallon easily commanded a good share of his time. I believe the knowledge he acquired beforehand from me impressed his excellency. 

At the end Rumble took Dunfallon on his promised tour to see the sights of our village. 

And the High Fairy led me away to his chambers for a long conversation. There he deposited the lantern with the slumbering Willie.


Day One Thousand One Hundred Forty Five #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Reuben was ebullient to be in touch with Tomas after his epic search for him. The feeling was mutual since they had much in common to discuss as they went along.

It was from their discussion that we learned about a side effect to my destruction of Stan’s idol.

The alliance between the armies of the East and North had been forged while the Supreme Commander was still alive. When the government forces left their fortifications to mount an attack on them, the leader of the Northern army suspected he had been betrayed and slew the Supreme Commander. When the government forces retreated for no apparent reason, the triumphant leader concluded it was from his action.

But we know differently.

Day One Thousand Sixty Seven #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We stayed put today. For we awoke this morning to discover a sight that riveted our attention for the entire day.

A black mass lay across the landscape. A mass that teemed like the sea in restless movement. It was the army of the world government.

It was splitting. About a quarter of it was remaining at the mouth of the valley at its back. They were digging in and throwing up fortifications.

The much larger section was wheeling – unit by unit- and taking up the march to the east.

The Captain put forth the theory that the army of the East must be threatening Babylon and the world government must be going to its aid.

We are to follow.

Day Five Hundred Thirty Seven #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

A robotic warship lay off the port. Beyond it fortifications at the harbor mouth were smoking ruins.

A message came over the satellite radio from the warship – an order for us to come alongside. At its direction we delivered the second container over the side to them.

Thus our surmisal proved correct.

We were cleared to enter the harbor to drop off the first container, which we did in the quickest manner possible.

It was eerie being the only ship at the port. The local authorities were very differential.

I guess they wanted us gone as soon as possible.

When we returned to the ocean the warship disappeared in the direction towards the port we had quitted four days ago.