The Fairy Diary Day 659 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Merlin was not convinced that the dwarves would have any designs on acquiring the Crack of Doom for themselves. But rather than continuing to speculate he suggested that we just go ask Gilgorgon ourselves.

Inside the mountain was abuzz with the activities of a new day. We caught Gilgorgon just after his morning meeting with Herblas in which he had laid out the tasks for the day.

To Merlin’s pointed question, our friend the dwarf king smiled and said that he for one could understand our concern. However, he expressed surprise that knowing a dwarf’s propensity for metals, we should have at least understood the matter from their side. He brushed it off as just curiosity on the part of these unnamed dwarves as to the metals used in the bell and its forging.

Gilgorgon went on to add that our pixie seemed to understand this about dwarves, for he had petitioned him last night for permission to visit their forges to help put new edges on his soldier less “army.”

This mention thunderstruck the wizard. For he immediately excused himself by saying that it was imperative for him to be present throughout that whole process.

I also excused myself from Gilgorgon’s presence – and as it was clear we would not be departing today, I joined with Noralei and Rumble down in the assembly area. There, we busied ourselves with the upkeep for the wagon and the care for the dragons.

As we finished for the day, we felt satisfied that we had headed off some possible future problems. The harness was quite worn, and we were able to mend and strengthen it. Noralei took a close look at Clemjil, who, though present, was not behaving like his normal self – for he had not been everywhere and into everything. And she said to us that he might just be ready to have an igniter installed in his jaw. 

I confess that I shuddered for a moment, but with my second thought I knew that the time would not be far off.


The Fairy Diary Day 289 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The barracks offshoot contained no visible creatures. But Rumble did find signs of recent occupation. And he thinks the markings left on the walls look like the work of goblins. We pressed onwards only to hear the sounds of footfalls fleeing from us. Emboldened by their flight Rumble hastened his pace. Fearing a trap I stopped him and together we decided that it would be better if the four of us tackled it together. 

So we went deeper in search of our comrades. 

We found Noralei and Dunfallon outside the second uncharted offshoot. 

They also had had an encounter. Noralei confirms that goblins are involved because that is what they told her. The beings had made their presence known by their voices only – pleading pitifully for help. They want to be visible again. 

All at once what we had experienced and not seen down here made sense – especially those mysterious workers at the forges.