The Fairy Diary Day 453 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I was on the parapet to welcome the High Fairy upon his arrival. He was spotted by Dunfallon, out on his morning exercise with Cluyjil and they hastened back on the wing. Both of them followed us into the workshop where Rumble was hard at work at the forge. Merlin was directing his actions. 

Their work paused when we entered. 

I admit I did not know what they were doing, but his excellency did. And the High Fairy was not shy about demanding a halt to everything.

The wizard smiled and offered him the position of honor. Cluyjil trudged over and took the place beside his excellency. 

After the High Fairy asked why Noralei was not present, Merlin took this as his cue to explain all that has befallen our missing friends. And ended the explanation by declaring that we cannot stop our plan and that we require his intercession with the Faerie Queen to be allowed access to the Crack of Doom. 

His excellency sat in silence for the longest time, and so did we. 

Finally, Cluyjil stood to his feet and crossed to the work bench where he breathed fire unto the metal object Rumble had been fashioning. 

Then, the High Fairy simply and eloquently agreed to intercede with the Faerie Queen. 


The Fairy Diary Day 286 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Rumble brought out the Dromadil map and demonstrated to us that the offshoot with the forges was not on it. We decided to send Dunfallon down to explore. To aid him Noralei passed off her Will’o’the Wisp lantern. 

While he was gone we poured over the map and compared our observations.  None of us is sure what we are looking for. Nothing so far has been anything but pixie related. So, this latest place where we cannot go may contain the strongest clue as to what our enemy may be up to. Especially if it is related to the dark elves. 

We gathered around the pixie upon his return to hear his latest adventure. There was a gamut of forges to pass before the ultimate chamber on that level. The tools fell silent and still, as he passed nearby. The last room was filled with a familiar form. Dunfallon says they are exactly like the fire plants we encountered around the dragon egg nest. 

It made me wonder if this chamber was the planned destination of the dragon egg we had intercepted. 

The pixie added as almost an afterthought that the presence of the forges reminded him of his time with Gilgorgon and the dwarves. And perhaps odder still was that Willie was most glad to be there and had protested when Dunfallon pulled him out.

The Fairy Diary Day 277 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We three fairies joined Dunfallon and Grimace on their side of the rim this morning and together we compared our experiences. 

Rumble summarized his notions and those of Noralei and mine. The crater is barren in every direction. A desert really. But at the center lies a great mystery. Each of us looked into the shaft at the center of the crater and felt something different. Rumble thought it strange to see so much smoke swirling but never rising into the air above. Noralei is sure the red glow from below indicates a forge burning and someone or something is hard at work. I experienced an overwhelming heaviness that increased the closer I came to the shaft’s opening. 

Rather than tell us their discoveries, Dunfallon and Grimace took us to a camp set up a fair distance away from the crater. Together they had investigated it, having walked the silent grounds filled with the entranced forces of the enemy. The two asked my permission to check the trolls among this host. 

I granted it to them. And got out the scroll to write out this latest account to the High Fairy.

The Fairy Diary Day 100 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Some time passed before Noralei could join us. She had excused herself to settle her affairs at her forge. She has a younger sister to whom she will entrust her business. And she wants to collect a few items to take with her on our mission. 

So with little else to do, Rumble and Dunfallon took me out to teach me the game of ninepins – the game those two had learned among the dwarves. 

I admit that it proved most enjoyable despite my poor showing. (They were quite pleased to be able to better me, and were rejoicing in their prowess). 

That is, until Noralei arrived. If any one was born to play the game – she was. She beat the “experts” soundly. 

And if this is any indication, we should all be able to work together easily in the days ahead. 

Still, I do have some concerns, and I shall meet with the High Fairy tomorrow to discuss them. 

The Fairy Diary Day 4 #TFDbyRWOz2

The Fairy Diary Day 4

Meribabell writes:

Noralei doesn’t think my new trinket is made from any precious metal that she has ever known. I felt quite anxious when I handed it to her. And became more so when she started to bend one section. Before I could take it back she moved to her forge. I wrenched it back from her before she could plunge it into the flames. 

This upset my friend. She folded those massive arms and asked just what I wanted her to do with the thing. 

I was speechless for two wing beats, then asked if she could mount it on a chain to wear around my neck. 

Noralei laughed out loud and pointed out that it was almost as big as my head. 

She thought she had me there. But I said I would take it in to the High Fairy.