The Fairy Diary Day 196 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Another sweltering night. Followed by disappointment. Or so we thought at first. We found the source of the biggest red spot on the map. Dunfallon flew over it. He could make out what he thought was a nest, but no eggs were visible. 

Noralei pointed to a mound in the center of the nest (as viewed from this side) that might cover an egg. But how to get close enough to check remained the problem. 

I decided to summon Merlin and have him help with an idea that had come to me. 

The wizard immediately answered the call from his pendant. He took one look at the situation and came up with the same solution that had occurred to me. 

While Rumble, Dunfallon and I showed ourselves to the raging fire and drew it our way, Merlin and Noralei seized the opportunity to enter behind the flames as they shifted away. Thus they were able to uncover a dragon egg from the mound and fled with it. 

To our surprise the flames died out as though doused. Everywhere – as a check with the map revealed. 

Merlin was beaming as he bid us farewell and disappeared with the egg, his “well done” ringing in our ears. 


The Fairy Diary Day 4 #TFDbyRWOz2

The Fairy Diary Day 4

Meribabell writes:

Noralei doesn’t think my new trinket is made from any precious metal that she has ever known. I felt quite anxious when I handed it to her. And became more so when she started to bend one section. Before I could take it back she moved to her forge. I wrenched it back from her before she could plunge it into the flames. 

This upset my friend. She folded those massive arms and asked just what I wanted her to do with the thing. 

I was speechless for two wing beats, then asked if she could mount it on a chain to wear around my neck. 

Noralei laughed out loud and pointed out that it was almost as big as my head. 

She thought she had me there. But I said I would take it in to the High Fairy. 

Day Six Hundred Twenty #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The sun arose unopposed by clouds. It grew warmer each passing minute.

We bid goodbye to our neighbor, thanking him for the cool draft of water his friendship had been to us.

But we had gotten no further than the crossroads when a squad of soldiers blocked our way. Their leader recognized Elijah and ordered his men to arrest him.

Elijah took one step towards them and they fell backward to the ground. Their leader raised a weapon and Elijah merely breathed in his direction.

He was incinerated before our eyes, the flames spreading to the others as they arose to oppose us.

The Captain led the way from there.

Finding the camp empty we pushed on in their wake.

Day Two Hundred Sixty One #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The image is forever etched in my mind’s eye. Those marks on the foreheads of the soldiers flashed and the consuming flames spread from there.  

It happened yesterday and twice today, as two more patrols tried to deny us access to the bridge or worse. Neither time did Elijah allow them to get close enough to harm us.

We paused our advance upon reaching the bridge. The area on the other side has changed. Gone are some of the ruins; new structures are rising throughout the core of the city.

It wasn’t long before a man under a flag of truce appeared at the other end of the bridge. Elijah allowed him to approach.

We have agreed to accompany him.