The Fairy Diary Day 65 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I can sense the time is at hand. The very air around me seems charged with excitement. I look out upon the scenes in front of me and everything is crystal clear. So clear it hurts your eyes, like it was freshly washed and scrubbed. 

My comrades are ready also. Especially Rumble at the prospect of returning to Nonin-gal-dith. He was expounding about showing Dunfallon around our fair town. 

The next minute I found myself reminding him that we have a more serious reason for returning. Merlin entered before he could reply, so we both turned to him expectantly. His tone was sober but not without a smile about his eyes. 

He invited us down to the great hall for a farewell gathering. There Dunfallon was already waiting for us. 

After we were seated the old owl led the other birds present in a sweet symphony of sound. 

Then Merlin spoke. He announced our departure for tomorrow, then encouraged all assembled to fellowship together. 

It was a sweet time. 

At the close, Merlin took me aside and presented me with a talisman. By it I can summon him in the time of dire need. But he cautioned me to be prudent in its use, and only when all other measures have been exhausted.


Day One Thousand One Hundred Two #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Clarity dawns in fits and starts. Soon, it is my belief that our fellowship will be breaking up to go our own ways.

It is my hope that those departing should remain together. And this seems likely given the option that has arisen for the Captain. Mr Kagi has put the ship at his disposal which opens it to whom ever should like to accompany him.

The Captain intends to take her out and around to the west. And either come through the area by the crossroads well and the desert, or even attempt the backdoor through Jerusalem.

Quasimo’s cousin plans her return by the land route via her tribal village and the crossroads well.

Elijah has given his blessing.

Day Nine Hundred Twenty Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The Captain provided the signal to the timing for our departure. I am thankful for it – not only for the confirmation itself and the confidence it provides, but also for the sense of belonging that it gave to my friend. I rejoice with him that he was chosen to aid the fellowship for this important step.

Both he and Tomas will provide valuable leadership in our absence.

We gathered them with Meesa and Mei for a conference in advance of our expected leaving tomorrow. Meesa will continue in overall charge. And Elijah had very specific instructions for the others to support her in seeing to the well being of the community.

Then all gathered around to pray for our mission.