The Fairy Diary Day 491 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The gates to the stronghold city were wide open. The High Fairy joined us there. The sights awaiting us inside were so different than at the time of the original victory celebration. Lights and garlands were festooned overhead, bringing a cheeriness to the eyes and heart. The citizen dwarves having declared a holiday lined the street singing snatches of praise embroidered around each of our names. 

Fliget later told us that he had so wanted to do this as a more proper thank you for all that we had done. 

And the most rousing song of all was lifted up for our pixie Dunfallon the Noble. 

Even before any note was sung I knew we were in for another round of dwarfish hospitality. And there in the city square table upon table was set up for a feast. 

But unlike our feast up in Gilgorgon’s mountain, talk about the future was not only allowed but also encouraged. And the first decision made was about the dwarfish involvement in the mission to the other side. Fliget announced that he would back Gilgorgon’s selection to represent all the dwarves, and while looking at Herblas he added that he thought him a perfect candidate. 

Merlin and the High Fairy applauded the king of the dwarves choice. Then, the wizard stood to make an announcement himself. He introduced Dunfallon and myself and said that we would be part of the team joining Herblas. He had one other to name, but could not until a missing guest had arrived. 

And with that he left us to wonder who that might be. 


The Fairy Diary Day 376 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Gnoston came out from his village to meet us. Word had reached him that we were traveling up the Low-way of the dwarves. He and a contingent of his neighbors had declared a holiday and had set up a feast in the town square. 

Dunfallon was placed at the head of the table in the place of honor while the rest of us were relegated to either side of him. The jollity at times grew raucous but took on a solemn tone when our pixie queried our host about dragons. 

Gnoston, after some hesitation, related some strange phenomena that not only he had experienced but many others had complained about also. He could only describe it as a creeping breeze that was accompanied by a chill that froze him in his tracks. No one saw a thing. He was so relieved when it had passed. And it was the same experience twice. 

With that Dunfallon filled Gnoston in about what had happened up on Gilgorgon’s mountain. 

In one sense despite our uneasiness it made us all the more eager to press on to the capital.