The Fairy Diary Day 652 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We departed early from Laguayil. Something felt very odd to me about it. It was all so rushed and had an aura of being out of control. And my conversation beforehand with Merlin did not help. 

Noralei and I were wondering why the wizard had not whipped up another rainbow bridge to take us all the way to the Fairy Kingdom capital. Dunfallon overheard us and chimed in with his opinion that we must ask him. I intervened when he moved to do so himself with the promise that I would ask him. 

I caught Merlin alone and put the question to him. He was not at all put out by my question (I was somewhat insistent in my opinion that he should do so immediately), but he patiently explained to me why we could not. There are too many points at which her former majesty could seize control of the phenomenon and bend it to her will and purposes. 

When I reddened with embarrassment, Merlin was quick to put me at ease. 

And though this was the main source of my uneasiness, there were others. 

With the addition of more elves under the command of Navril, to my mind, the possibilities increased that one or more could be of the feared faction. 

I paired with Rumble, each walking on one side of the wagon, and assigned him oversight of Clemjil – to free myself to watch closely the goings on. 

It seems to me that Dunfallon’s “army” senses the tenseness in others and is reflecting that in its behavior. 

I need to ask Dunfallon about that when he returns after his flight with Cluyjil. 

Perhaps I should talk to Merlin about it. 


The Fairy Diary Day 20 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

It has taken almost a full day to read the note from the High Fairy. The single page has grown into a scroll. 

I cannot believe it. I was lured out here under a false pretense. 

Rumble had no answers to my many questions about this change. I now know he was not the enemy that all supposed. He is quite devoted to the High Fairy, and to the Fairy Kingdom. And as such was only acting the part of a villain for a higher purpose. 

I know nothing as to what comes next. The message from the High Fairy only goes on in great detail about the great dangers we are all facing. There is a great evil abroad, threatening all the kingdoms surrounding the Fairy Kingdom. Rumble and I are here to help the pixies prepare to meet this peril. 

I feel so inadequate, so unequal to this task.