The Fairy Diary Day 86 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Our forward progress was halted this afternoon when we came to the aid of a pixie band defending their burrow. Scouting in advance of our party, Dunfallon brought their plight to our attention after discovering a pair of men trying to chop down a grand oak sheltering their village. 

Dunfallon charged in sowing confusion by tripping them and causing them to drop their axes, which were quickly taken up by the other pixies and spirited away. 

Rumble and I completed their rout by enticing them out of the area with promises of fairy gold in the mountains far away. 

Of course, we could not refuse the hospitality and thanks of these woodland pixies. And there stayed the night.

The Fairy Diary Day 34 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Gilgorgon is not your ordinary dwarf. He is a head taller than most of the others. But that is not the reason he was chosen as leader. He also is the most exquisite craftsman. He has insisted on outfitting each of us with armor for our task ahead. 

And I find myself grateful beyond all bounds – especially because he knew not to fashion anything for us from that deadly substance – iron. Instead he has used the purest fairy gold imbued with a combination of a dwarfish power spell to which Rumble and I added light but potent fairy magic. 

Rumble is quite enamoured of his set. I admit he presents a fine figure. And he says we should blind all comers by their brightness. 

I have a concern, however, for Dunfallon. He is so emboldened by his armor that I am considering means of holding him back from any rash actions that could endanger himself or others. 

Ropes or chains binding him to us?