The Fairy Diary Day 508 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I flew on. Aided somewhat by the beacon stone necklace which pulled steadily forward towards the repository.  Still, I stopped frequently to rest. In those times thoughts flooded in about what I had done. 

Had I lost sight of the big picture? Would Rayjil have been safely with us, if I had not run off with her? Might there have been some other way to convince everyone to go along with my idea?

I had to shake off those nagging questions, for now more than ever I must get to the repository. And not just to see to the pairing of the beacon stone with Cluyjil. I also needed to strike the Crack of Doom to summon Rayjil back from the other side. 

As I neared the Faerie Kingdom capital I had to resist the beacon stone which wanted to pull me straight over it. I thought it wiser to go around and thus avoid any further complications. 

The Fairy Diary Day 495 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Before we met again Merlin had been prompted to change a few things. Instead of the council chambers the wizard asked for a smaller and more secure venue – and he also limited those in attendance. 

Fliget and Gnoston, as their presence was not required, took it upon themselves to stand guard against any eavesdroppers at the doors of the inner room in which we convened. Herblas joined his fellow dwarves, leaving only Dunfallon, Gibley, and myself to attend. The High Fairy was not present, as he had returned to the Faerie kingdom to give a report to the Queen. 

Merlin opened the meeting with important information from Glossom. He made it plain that only dragons like Rayjil can transport to the other side in their own power. For other dragons and their riders to accompany such a one required a beacon stone worn around its neck. And the only one that Glossom’s goblins possessed was the one lost when Gorbin was immolated. 

(When this was said I had a flash of understanding of how the black bird moved between the worlds with the Will’o ’the Wisp). 

Upon a quick glance Gibley’s way I was filled with pain for him, wondering what may happen in any future encounters with this bizarre reincarnation of his father. Is there anything left of Gorbin in that beast?

Thankfully the wizard did not allow us the time to dwell on such thoughts, for we immediately set out for the goblin holdings in the canyonlands for answers. 

The Fairy Diary Day 372 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

However the theft was accomplished we reached an agreement that we needed to descend back down and take the underground passage to the Low-way of the dwarves and inquire after Artoxon’s people. It is my fear that since it is highly likely that the dragon came via those passages, the serpent could very well have raised havoc among them. When I broached that possibility to Gilgorgon he forthrightly supported my idea. In fact he deputized us as his ambassadors in order to lay the groundwork for healing the breach of longstanding. 

In answering my query on this topic, the High Fairy was quick (and short) in adding his support. Evidently things are quite hectic at present in the Faerie Kingdom. 

There has been no news from Merlin. 

After Dunfallon made arrangements for the care of Gabhe, we set off on our new adventure.

The Fairy Diary Day 370 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Merlin left immediately to see to the security of the other dragon egg. It was by mutual consent. We shall remain here until we have firm direction as to our next step. Gilgorgon’s demeanor has undergone a transformation. He no longer turns an hard countenance towards us. It is clear that somehow the dragon egg had exerted an undue influence upon him. He freely admits the fact himself. 

The High Fairy has returned to the Faerie Kingdom to warn the Faerie Queen and to help her prepare for what may come next. 

Our merrie little band have assigned ourselves the task of investigating how the dragon gained entry into the most secure chamber under the mountain. 

We have paired up to pursue that end – Rumble with me – and Noralei with Dunfallon. Gilgorgon appointed two trusted lieutenants – one for each team to aid in the search.

The Fairy Diary Day 348 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The first party of dwarves arrived today to take up residence in their former city. Fliget has been appointed regent. And with Gnoston’s assistance helped settle dwarves back into their shops and homes. Fliget was kept quite busy settling disputes. (We will not be seeing Artoxon any time soon. He prefers to remain down in the depths with his riches). 

The High Fairy left to see the fairy troops back to the Faerie Kingdom. But before departing he handed the dragon egg back into the care of Merlin. And his excellency asked if we would be returning soon to Nonin-gal-dith also. 

I replied that we would weigh that option very carefully with Merlin before deciding. 

I for one am filled with uneasiness for the future.

The Fairy Diary Day 219 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Out of abundance of hospitality our captors only questioned us until they were satisfied that we had nothing to do with the flooding of their city. (Well, not intentionally). Then, they fed us and gave us a room for the night. With two guards at the door and two more at the window. 

Their questions today were all about our mission or as they expressed it – just what are you doing here in our land?

Navril, the elf who restrained Dunfallon yesterday took us into the elf council where the leader Nililitil presided and introduced us. 

Thankfully they know Merlin – favorably so – which is a plus in our favor. As for the High Fairy and the Faerie Kingdom they know little, nor do they care to know more. 

But when we mentioned the dark elves and the far away black crystalline structure they were all ears. What we had described was something from their long ago history, something that no longer exists to their knowledge. 

With that Nililitil brought us up to the highest spot in their city. And there pointed us to the spot on the horizon where we knew the crystalline structure should have been. But wasn’t. 

We were at a loss for words.

The Fairy Diary Day 210 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We had just arrived at a cliff side that marks the end of the plain we have been traversing, when I read a message from the High Fairy. He inquired about our well being, especially in light of recent events. The Faerie Kingdom also had fallen victim to the same phenomenon – extreme winds followed by a bug incursion. 

But more concerning were some reports that those black birds of a few days past had transformed into the swarms of hornets. 

However, perhaps most concerning of all, he has not heard from Merlin and whether or not he had been visited similarly. 

Noralei in particular is somewhat distraught by this news. 

The rest of us gathered around her in support and our pixie chimed in with the declaration that if anything the wizard was most likely busy investigating this latest attack.

The Fairy Diary Day 188 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We have heard from the High Fairy. He has found more of those suspicious black plants in and around the capital of the Faerie Kingdom. 

After some deliberation between his excellency and Merlin they have decided to remove only the most mature plants in the sensitive areas. And the queen has posited a stratagem to march her forces continually around one in particular near her barracks so that her forces will seem a hundredfold. 

Sounds good to me. If only we could think of something here to entertain these prying eyes. 

Our preparations are almost finished here. Tomorrow may be the day. 

Merlin will make the final determination as to the timing.

The Fairy Diary Day 186 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

It is difficult to weigh what we need to take with us. I am especially reticent until we know more about those red ashes. Do we take some with us or leave all of them behind?

And of crucial importance – we have be sure of our avenues of approach and our perception of them. So many things may still be hidden from us. And we want to be hidden from them. Rumble is concentrating on the maps between here and there. Do we set out from here or is there a safe place to which Merlin can transport us?

Dunfallon has uncovered stories about pixies having a hand in the downfall of these dark elves. He wants to know more. 

We took a few moments to see the High Fairy off. He promises to keep us informed about anything he uncovers in the capital of the Faerie Kingdom.

The Fairy Diary Day 185 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

It has been a fateful day. So much has been revealed through the efforts of each one of us. Merlin called everyone together to distill it all down. 

Our foe is an ancient one. So old that its name is forgotten. And forgotten because for ages it was forbidden to be spoken. Not because it was a being that was a horror to behold. Far from it. But rather so comely that none could resist its siren wiles. 

But it is not known to be from that spot on the horizon. Nor even from anywhere near that quarter. In fact its origin was never discovered. But it did have a vassal whose city dwelt on that very spot. A vassal whose history was recorded in the tome pulled by Rumble and Dunfallon. A race of dark elves defeated long ago by the fairies of yesteryear. Hence explaining the animosity towards the Faerie Kingdom that has reappeared in this day. 

Merlin shall delve into the mystery of our foe’s name and hopefully thereby gain the upper hand. 

The High Fairy will return to the Faerie Kingdom and ferret out the seeds of the enemy (now that he knows what to look for).

Noralei and I have made no headway with the red ashes. We shall turn them over to Merlin. 

My team and I shall plot our way to the crystalline formation.