Choose Your Eternity


A point of view
Is just a view from a point
From where you sit or think
You taste the words
And tailor your response
To see you through thin or thick

But are you aware
We are all eternal
And into eternity
We all will go?

(Not into nothing
Will we dissolve
No matter how much
We may resolve)

All eternities are not equal
One is forthright peaceful
One is downright lethal

One eternity is a gain forever
In a light and love-filled place
One eternity is a loss forever
In a dark and burning space

What we do
When we are confronted
With news too good to be true
Listen and don’t be talking
When the good news comes walking

By the cross
You gain gain
And lose loss
(It’s what you get to lose)
You see it not
Till after you choose

We choose
Before you know
You were chosen
To belong.

We choose
And then learn
We were chosen
All along.


I Watch You in Silence

I Watch You in Silence

I watch you in silence

Speaking only in my mind

Counting up the treasures

That are mine

Because you’re my bride.


And although the hour is early

And time for you to slumber on

I am awake beside you

Framing thoughts

Of the future of we two.


Not just these days

That run to tomorrow

For in them we’ll be

Imperfect still.


But of that thrill

When we stand before Him

The self

All given away

And made perfect in His Day.


To that end

Let us live

Right choices


Other voices



Who we’ll be in that day

No furrowed worries

The tears all wiped away

A smile in bloom for all around us

And everywhere love at play.


(for my bride of 40 years

this month)