The Fairy Diary Day 43 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Another day out on the plain and nothing to show for it. No tracks nor even a blade of grass crushed out of place. We slowed our pace and directed Dunfallon to sweep back and forth in search of any signs of the passage of our recent enemy. 

One could almost conclude that the army of undead trolls leaped or flew over this entire plain when they attacked the dwarves at the stronghold. And I fear that without their tracks we will be unable to trace the evil back to its origin. 

My spirits were at low ebb come the evening. My companions sensed my mood immediately and sought to raise my spirits by telling stories of past adventures. Some of them very funny, especially those related by our very own pixie.

The Fairy Diary Day 28 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The tracks we have been following run as straight as an arrow. Which is odd. For there is a constant up and down as we climb and descend hill after hill. One would think a more level and less arduous route would have been pursued. 

If anything it is revealing of the singleness of mind of the enemy. And perhaps, just perhaps, its weakness. 

All day Rumble kept close to our tiny friend, who continues to be very helpful, drawing from his knowledge of the terrain. 

Yet on our midday stop Dunfallon told us that he will soon be at the limit of his experience. And from what others have told him no pixie towns are to be found thereafter. Rather he fears the tales that trolls and dwarves dwell there, especially the closer one gets to the mountain. 

And that appears to be the destination of the mysterious tracks.

The Fairy Diary Day 27 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

In his forays in and around the burrows Rumble had discovered some suspicious tracks. He thinks they may be those left by the enemy when they attacked. Similar ones lead away. 

I concurred. So we set out to follow them whithersoever they lead. 

At first we had to restrain Dunfallon from running on ahead. Both Rumble and I feared for his state of mind. His grief was passing and something darker was taking its place. 

Finally I called a halt and we confronted him about it. 

He was resistant at first and loudly insisted on continuing on his own. 

I locked him in my arms and held him gently. He had no real strength to wriggle free. And at last fell quiet. 

I assured him that we would find those responsible. But added that we would handle things in a right and just way, not in a wrong or unjust way.  

Day One Thousand One Hundred Seventeen #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

A fine powder coated everything out of doors in the city. No one could identify it. So the unease of yesterday returned.

Elijah and I were kept quartered close to the Supreme Commander’s command center. Tomas stopped in and out throughout the day and gave us updates. He had been tasked to analyze the powder. Was it by design from the enemy?

He had a breakthrough come afternoon. The material in combination with another compound is highly combustible when water is present.

It made little sense until someone else realized the attack may be directed at the river coming into the city or the tanks fed by the desalination plants.

Thus the army must decide whether to evacuate or not.

Day Seven Hundred Fifty Five #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

A bone weary day, with lots of ground covered, despite some down time when Tomas brought word of an army patrol. We hid easily while they passed us by.

I am sure they were looking for sources of water and not for us or their enemy.

Later, down the trail we crossed a footbridge that spanned a narrow gorge. Water rushed within its course far below.

I assume the leader of the patrol took one look and gave up on this path. There’s just no getting a tanker truck close to this source. They’ll probably find an easier access to it somewhere else.

At day’s close, Elijah predicted that sometime tomorrow we will definitely arrive at our destination up ahead.

Day Five Hundred Thirty One #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

There were no overt signs, no indication on any level that this place was given over to the enemy. Not even any posters of Stan’s image staring down from the walls.

But a brooding sense of malignancy made its presence felt at the edge of our senses.

Elijah and I remained in the ship. One look over the ship’s railing was enough for us.

Tomas took P ashore to school him in the purser’s responsibilities with the dispatcher. The other Raj twin G wanted to accompany them, but was told his charge was to remain with the ship.

Tomas brought back surprising news – we will be allowed to load several containers whose owners don’t bear the mark either.

Astonishing indeed.