The Fairy Diary Day 345 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We may have to call a halt to the dwarves returning to this place until we can discover what, if anything, is wreaking havoc with the emotions of any being that falls within its influence. For as long as those affected have their wills bent to its purposes, we simply cannot allow it. 

The High Fairy arrived here today and we handed the problem over to his excellency and to Merlin. 

After much deliberation they concluded that a curse was at work in this matter. Inquiries among the remaining former dark elves shed no light. They claimed that anyone in the know had already left. I worked with the idea of sending messengers after each group to seek out answers, but that turned out to be unnecessary as Dunfallon and his Dromadil pixie contingent returned from their trip to see Artoxon. 

They confirmed that a curse was indeed in play. The dwarves had placed it. And will remove it soon upon their return.


The Fairy Diary Day 201 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

It is hard to describe the havoc the ups and downs of our emotions did to our day. Let me just say that the final result struck a most happy high note. 

We started our day with a reply on my scroll from the High Fairy. I could tell he was quite distressed about the unknown status of our companion Noralei. The mere fact that he reacted in this manner was very upsetting to us. His excellency also debated whether or not to involve Merlin. But he ended the message with the suggestion to us to keep on with what we were doing. 

We did. And at long last arrived at the large body of water Dunfallon had searched yesterday. 

One look out over its vastness caused my heart to sink anew. 

My pendant, however, did not hesitate, but pulled us to the right, I assumed, as the best route around this watery obstacle. 

When we came in sight of a lovely cove, Dunfallon was the first to spot her. Noralei stood on the sandy shore, talking to some of the silvery beings crisscrossing the waves of the little bay. 

The three of us raced to her side, and she happily introduced us to her new friends. A herd of water horses.

Day Nine Hundred Sixty Nine #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Elam came to me early. I could tell he was distraught and agitated. So desirous was he to be on his way, he was already dressed and equipped for his journey.

I understood the feelings that were coursing through his mind, and took pains to express them back to him. And I followed that with the reminder of what happens when we let emotions blind us to the leading of the Spirit.

In that very moment I knew that indeed this was the Spirit’s prompting him. And said so, just as Elijah and the others joined us.

Elijah then released them to follow up what we had discussed yesterday. For the timing was right.

Then he told me to prepare.

Day Eight Hundred Seventy Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

After news came in that many of the orphans and widows had been killed in a fire where they were being held, we had to haul Jezer off of the man responsible. If we hadn’t, we were sure he would have strangled him to death.

When Jezer had time to settle down, he turned contrite upon sober reflection over his actions. But he felt even worse when word came back that the object of his former ire had gone out and hung himself.

It was all we could do to rescue Jezer from the whipsaw of his emotions. Elijah cancelled the rest of the day’s meetings to tend to his needs.

I believe that the Spirit will redeem this situation.