Day Eight Hundred Nine #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Stan could not have been more wrong. And we were content not to disabuse him of his mistaken notion. Not that he left us any means to communicate that back to him. Unless, of course, he had some kind of “eyes” on us. In which case he might guess at the reason behind our unconcern.

For what would he make of the fact our staying the night? Or that we took our ease and went on walks around the megapolis seeing the sights and taking the measure of our adversary?

For as in other places we’ve been through, his image was everywhere, wreathed in honor and pomp.

Very sad, really. Such an immense pride shall surely have a great fall.


Day Five Hundred Fifty Eight #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The Captain informs us that we have left one large ocean behind and are now entering the largest one on the globe.

All I see is a lot of islands, but he assures me that though there are many in this vicinity, a great vastness awaits beyond.

I think he can’t wait to surround us in the safety of that vastness.

Elijah has been busy today giving assurances himself. The Raj twin P came to him earlier to ask why Elijah had recommended him for the position on the other ship. I thought he was feeling slighted, but that was not the case. He was having doubts and wondering if he had missed his path.

Elijah put him at ease.

Day One Hundred Ten #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Lyle came back today from a long tour of the eastern half of the city. He is optimistic that he can bring unity to the five districts in this area (the home we live in is part of the wall district).

I stayed here today to help the widow with set up. And to consider what needs

to be done next.

She reports that everything should be very comfortable here on out. Which reminded me to tell her to be sure to do as little as possible along that line for Lyle, knowing how much he dislikes ease.

She agrees with me that our (i.e. mine and Lyle’s) stay here should be brief.

All we need is the correct timing.