The Fairy Diary Day 73 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

At first light Rumble and I bid goodbye to our host. I am confident, having seen Gilgorgon and his dwarves in action that this frontier is closed to our mutual enemy. And to lend some extra assistance in our absence we left a present at the direction of the High Fairy – a spell of confusion to any being of ill will attempting to enter the stronghold. 

We made good time up and over the mountain. Around every curve we expected to come upon our pixie friend and his mountain goat. 

But we arrived on the downward slope without a sign of Dunfallon. So we began to think that perhaps our passage was too rapid and we had outpaced our friend. 

Hence we halted and set up camp to wait. 

The Fairy Diary Day 72 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We have word from the High Fairy that we are to leave here tomorrow for our return to Nonin-gal-dith. Gilgorgon suggested we stop by the great hall on the way past the mountain, in order to be sure to catch Dunfallon on his way back to us. His was a sound idea, but I had a better one.
In order not to lose a day, I asked him to send a message to our pixie friend and have him meet us on the slope on the other side. Gilgorgon dispatched a dwarf to that end before the day’s close.
Then, he invited Rumble and me to take dinner with him. We conversed long into the night. We learned about the origin of the dwarves. And he was surprised to hear about the competing stories behind that of our people, the Fairies.
Rumble was gratified that the dwarf tended to agree more with his account.

The Fairy Diary Day 41 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Gilgorgon officially made the offer to Dunfallon. Though the pixie likes the idea of making a home with the dwarves, he will only do so after the present crisis has passed, stating he will serve with us until the end. 

This pleased Gilgorgon (and us). The dwarf held a ceremony before we set out in which he gifted the pixie with the mountain goat he’s been riding. 

“The better to keep up with his fairy companions.”

So we were on our way. One of us riding and Rumble and I on foot for now. All is clear even to the horizon. For we can actually see one since the darkness has receded. 

I can feel in my being that what we are seeking lies off beyond that horizon.

The Fairy Diary Day 34 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Gilgorgon is not your ordinary dwarf. He is a head taller than most of the others. But that is not the reason he was chosen as leader. He also is the most exquisite craftsman. He has insisted on outfitting each of us with armor for our task ahead. 

And I find myself grateful beyond all bounds – especially because he knew not to fashion anything for us from that deadly substance – iron. Instead he has used the purest fairy gold imbued with a combination of a dwarfish power spell to which Rumble and I added light but potent fairy magic. 

Rumble is quite enamoured of his set. I admit he presents a fine figure. And he says we should blind all comers by their brightness. 

I have a concern, however, for Dunfallon. He is so emboldened by his armor that I am considering means of holding him back from any rash actions that could endanger himself or others. 

Ropes or chains binding him to us?