The Fairy Diary Day 434 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Our advance was brought to a halt not much further up the Low-way of the dwarves. Rumble heard moaning off on one of the side passages. We would have passed by otherwise. 

The sound of pain came from a mound of rags shivering in the dark of that passageway. It was our friend Gnoston. I had to fight back tears at the sight of him. 

Merlin knelt by him, taking a vial from his voluminous robes and giving him a drink of elixir. The transformation in the dwarf was instantaneous. 

He thanked the wizard for the draft and recounted his tale of how he came here. 

Word that Gilgorgon’s army was on the march alarmed his village and soon most fled. Gnoston stayed but was forced out by the arrival of Artoxon’s troops. He made his way up to the capital only to be refused entrance. They told him he was too late. And with the sound of battle behind he fled up the Low-way of the dwarves to where we found him.  

What he shared next caused us to return back to where we last saw Artoxon’s capital. 

The Fairy Diary Day 433 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We came upon an even greater mystery today. Artoxon’s capital was not where it should have been. It was not anywhere at all. Neither the gates to the city nor Bifitz’s palace were evident from its junction with the Low-way of the dwarves. 

Merlin covered the area testing for any hint of enchantment. And found none. 

Rumble walked about with his hands stretched out in front of his face, expecting to bump into buildings turned invisible. But met with nothing. 

At the last we regrouped to discuss what to do next. Not knowing what had happened made any decisions blind ones. In the end we opted to continue on to the goblin outpost. It was closer than the other dwarf stronghold city, and I was looking forward to seeing any living being, even a goblin. 

The Fairy Diary Day 432 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Rumble was gone when I opened my eyes – which was not really a concern at first as he just could have been restless and wandered off to check through the village once more for our missing friend, the dwarf Gnoston. But then I noticed that Merlin was also nowhere in sight. 

The feeling of being all alone crashed in on me. Which lasted until I wondered if I were dreaming. And after slapping myself with sufficient force to disprove that notion, I crept out of the house in hopes of clearing my head.

 Outside, the silence was deafening. But with the added sense that eyes were watching me – just out of view at every turn of my head. 

Then in an instant of clarity, I remembered thinking how like the Will’o’the Wisp this was – to torture and mislead his foes. 

I shook myself and re-entered the house. There were my friends waiting for me. They asked simply if I were ready to depart. 

We did. And along the Low-way of the dwarves I recounted to them the incidents that make me believe that I am being haunted by Willie. 

A Pixie Tale [for day 397] #TFDbyRWOz2

Dunfallon writes:

I find I am not at all reluctant this time to take up a pen and scratch out the details that our esteemed leader so humbly passed over in his account of our latest adventure. 

I’m not sure whether it was the bravery or the desperation of Gibley that catapulted Meribabell and me down into that treasure vault. (He still won’t talk about it). All I do know was that we could not let the little fellow face the danger alone.

I admit I did not stop to think of consequences as I jumped feet first into that yawning crevice and slid down that slope of shining gold. I kept on my feet as long as I could and thankfully Meribabell caught me up and flew me over before the worst of it – the horrible sights and smells of bits of dwarf still smoking where they came to rest in the low points. 

How Gibley was able to dash around them without being tripped up is a mystery. We should have overtaken him easily. 

And when I realized that we must climb out of the trough, no doubt created by the dragon, my despair grew. 

My fairy friend set me down to regain his strength. And from this lower position I almost gave up hope as it seemed impossibly steep. But the sight of the scrambling goblin ahead of us spurred me on. 

We came upon more dwarf corpses mingled with spent fire plants and thus knew how they met their fate. How was the goblin not affected?

Tiny rivulets of molten gold trickling down the sides of the heaped metals prepared us for the sight of the lake of gold as we gained the crest.

What a sight!

At that very moment we witnessed the dragon itself break out in flame from within. It was curled around the egg whose shell was already cracking and breaking loose. 

And right there was our goblin brushing aside the crumbling shell pieces to grasp the dragon hatchling and pull him out. 

With more of the metals melting and flowing into the lake, we knew we had to get out of the vault as soon as possible. 

I insisted that Meribabell scoop up the goblin and his hatchling and fly them out of the vault. Even then it was gripping to watch the fairy struggle to bare them aloft over that great gap to safety. 

I pressed downwards as fast as I could and thereby Meribabell did not have as far to fly when he retrieved me. 

And thus ends this my account – giving credit for the help lent me by my friend and walking dictionary Rumbletwist.

The Fairy Diary Day 392 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We forged an agreement with Gibley. We were happy to allow him to follow his orders unfettered. But he would not be allowed to report back to his commander until after we have resolved the problem of the dragon and the dragon egg. So he became an unofficial member of our party. 

(Besides we all felt he was safer with us. Rumble thought for sure he would otherwise have been caught in another trap, even the rather poor ones set by Artoxon’s dwarves). 

Dunfallon kept the goblin close, and enjoyed his time with him. 

We were drawing close to the dwarf capital, when each one of us froze in place. Gibley had no idea what had happened. But the rest of us knew we were experiencing exactly what Gnoston and his people had when the dragon was creeping nearby their village. 

It was very disquieting. 

And more so when I considered that this might be a second dragon. For we thought for sure the one we were pursuing was much deeper below us. And may in fact be already in the vaults under Artoxon’s apartments. 

The Fairy Diary Day 383 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

As we were nearing the territory held by the goblins our dwarf guides bid us goodbye and headed back down the Low-way. I marvel when I think about how quickly we return by a route that originally took us a long time to traverse. 

However our advance was slowed once again when we reached that section of the Low-way which is joined and crossed by a series of passageways. Dunfallon insisted upon searching each one. 

As we waited for him outside the third one he came running back in great excitement. 

He had found what he is sure is a dragon’s lair as there were droppings and signs of conflagration throughout. 

Rather than follow that passageway out to the surface we decided to continue on to the goblin controlled junction and ask them about dragon sightings. 

We hoped that the goblins ahead had already received their orders from their king back in the shaft regarding allowing us access. Otherwise our situation was going to face another barrier.

The Fairy Diary Day 371 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Rumble and I rejoined with Noralei and Dunfallon to discuss our separate investigations. Noralei and Dunfallon had covered the upper entrances and found no breaches there. All gates and bars and guard stations were all in perfect working order. And their accompanying representative from Gilgorgon was satisfied that all their protective measures were indeed impenetrable. 

Rumble and I had plumbed the depths of the mountain. Our main focus was the entrance to the passage way that runs down to the Low-way built by Artoxon’s predecessors. Gilgorgon’s lieutenant assured us that after the other dragon egg had been stolen by the dark elves, they doubled and tripled the defenses in that quarter. In fact, they filled in certain sections of the passage so that only one dwarf at a time could pass through. 

At the end of our deliberations all of us, except Dunfallon, were hard pressed to explain how the dragon egg could have been removed at all. The pixie put forth his belief that either the dragon can turn itself invisible or that it can shrink in size. Or both.

The Fairy Diary Day 179 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We now know what was behind everything. -The need for our presence called for days ago. -Merlin’s distraction since we got here. -And the task the wizard set for Noralei. They were all bound up together. 

Merlin sent the owl around with an invitation for us to join him in his study. We dutifully arrived at the designated time. The owl greeted us, as the wizard was not present. All the major domo would say was that Merlin would be with us soon. 

Dunfallon filled the time by telling us all about the plan he had concocted with the owl for his reparations. He has obligated the owl to help him change some lead into gold. All he needs is some lead and he thinks he can get some from Gilgorgon the dwarf just for the asking. 

Finally Merlin appeared and launched into his explanation. There has been an unwelcome presence in his castle ever since Willie arrived. His unease grew to the point that he had consulted with the High Fairy and together they divined that the Wisp was acting as a conduit to this other presence. Spying on him. The two concluded that we needed to be brought in. 

Each of us have something to contribute, starting with Noralei who has added panels to blind the spy. 

Next Merlin is asking Dunfallon to talk to the Wisp. That done, we will know better what Rumble and I can do to help.

The Fairy Diary Day 73 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

At first light Rumble and I bid goodbye to our host. I am confident, having seen Gilgorgon and his dwarves in action that this frontier is closed to our mutual enemy. And to lend some extra assistance in our absence we left a present at the direction of the High Fairy – a spell of confusion to any being of ill will attempting to enter the stronghold. 

We made good time up and over the mountain. Around every curve we expected to come upon our pixie friend and his mountain goat. 

But we arrived on the downward slope without a sign of Dunfallon. So we began to think that perhaps our passage was too rapid and we had outpaced our friend. 

Hence we halted and set up camp to wait. 

The Fairy Diary Day 72 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We have word from the High Fairy that we are to leave here tomorrow for our return to Nonin-gal-dith. Gilgorgon suggested we stop by the great hall on the way past the mountain, in order to be sure to catch Dunfallon on his way back to us. His was a sound idea, but I had a better one.
In order not to lose a day, I asked him to send a message to our pixie friend and have him meet us on the slope on the other side. Gilgorgon dispatched a dwarf to that end before the day’s close.
Then, he invited Rumble and me to take dinner with him. We conversed long into the night. We learned about the origin of the dwarves. And he was surprised to hear about the competing stories behind that of our people, the Fairies.
Rumble was gratified that the dwarf tended to agree more with his account.