The Fairy Diary Day 446 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I was glad to leave the craziness behind. And so was Rumble. (As for Merlin we have seen no change in his composure throughout- we admire his strength). That being said, I will be very keen to hear about the final decisions regarding the future of the two dwarf kingdoms. I am sure the High Fairy will have great success and that all will be satisfied. 

Merlin has settled upon returning the way we came. We were no longer required to be accompanied by guides, so we acted our own. Rumble is sure that all the traps have been removed from the Low-way of the dwarves. Probably by Gnoston. 

Passing through Gnoston’s village, we paid a call on our friend. He was just about finished putting things back in order. He and his fellow villagers have been tasked with restoring the gates to the passage up to Gilgorgon’s mountain. And asked to accompany us. 

The Fairy Diary Day 422 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Merlin and the High Fairy can only report that pitched battles are being fought under the mountains in the dwarf kingdoms. Where is unclear. And though one side appears to be succeeding – they cannot discern which one because of their similarities.

(I wish they would have taken one of us into view what the seer’s stone revealed – for just maybe we would have recognized where and to whom those events were occurring). 

Our discussion when they emerged turned closer to home. We no longer need to decide when to introduce the hatchlings to one another. It is something they accomplished on their own. Rayjil escaped from Gibley, having gone transparent and slunk away. She must have caught Cluyjil’s scent and made it down to his training area where she reappeared and presented herself. 

Such prancing about I have never before witnessed. 

Now the question is no longer should they meet, but should they remain together. 

We decided to return them to their own chambers for now. At Gibley’s direction. He seems to believe they would be untrainable otherwise. 

We are in for some interesting days ahead. Be that here or elsewhere.

The Fairy Diary Day 420 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

It was during my turn to wait outside Merlin’s study chamber when the wizard emerged at last. He was in a hurried state of mind but graciously lent audience to my questions on dragon development. 

It is Merlin’s studied opinion that Rayjil should suffer no ill effects from the lack of dragon shell in her diet. However, he was alarmed at my report about her latest ability. Initially. And happily changed his tune upon hearing about Gibley’s solution.  

Then it was Merlin’s turn to change the topic on me. He led me at a run up to the rampart parapet. The instant we came to rest the High Fairy landed and joined us. 

His excellency was the bearer of shocking news. The two dwarf kingdoms are now at war. 

The whole idea set my insides on edge.