The Fairy Diary Day 287 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

During our last rest period I had a dream. (I know not if was night time – down here cut off from the light it is difficult to discern). It began with one of those fire plants spitting its flames at me. As I ran away – even taking flight in the tunnels – it came after me. 

I ducked to one side upon reaching the shaft. My adversary flew on past and halted in mid air – remained still for the longest time – then its roots expanded – lengthening and growing to fill the shaft – sending tendrils into all the branches. 

When at the last I was pinned by the engorging plant, I was shaken awake. 

My friends had surrounded me in my agitated state and sought to comfort me in my confusion. 

For the longest time I was unable to speak. My head was crowded with the single thought – I had found the enemy we had been pursuing.


The Fairy Diary Day 286 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Rumble brought out the Dromadil map and demonstrated to us that the offshoot with the forges was not on it. We decided to send Dunfallon down to explore. To aid him Noralei passed off her Will’o’the Wisp lantern. 

While he was gone we poured over the map and compared our observations.  None of us is sure what we are looking for. Nothing so far has been anything but pixie related. So, this latest place where we cannot go may contain the strongest clue as to what our enemy may be up to. Especially if it is related to the dark elves. 

We gathered around the pixie upon his return to hear his latest adventure. There was a gamut of forges to pass before the ultimate chamber on that level. The tools fell silent and still, as he passed nearby. The last room was filled with a familiar form. Dunfallon says they are exactly like the fire plants we encountered around the dragon egg nest. 

It made me wonder if this chamber was the planned destination of the dragon egg we had intercepted. 

The pixie added as almost an afterthought that the presence of the forges reminded him of his time with Gilgorgon and the dwarves. And perhaps odder still was that Willie was most glad to be there and had protested when Dunfallon pulled him out.

The Fairy Diary Day 194 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Our progress today has been tricky, requiring Rumble to constantly monitor the map and direct us away from those hot spots. We have learned that if we come into ‘its sight’ it pursues us until we drop from sight. 

We may have to risk getting closer to one at the direction of the High Fairy. 

Having read my latest review of our progress, he replied that these hot spots may be dragon fire plants, the seeds of which can be found in dragon droppings. 

Dunfallon volunteered to investigate. And I gave him the go ahead to summon his eagle and observe from on high. 

With trepidation the rest of us watched from hiding while he overflew the nearest patch. 

My heart caught in my throat when the pixie suddenly dove on that raging fire – and stopped altogether when tendrils of flame snaked up after him. 

Dunfallon easily avoided its reach and reported back to us. 

There is definitely the shed skin of a dragon on that spot. 

This I relayed on to the High Fairy.