The Fairy Diary Day 331 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Expecting a long wait, we established a rotation among the four of us (excluding Merlin) to keep a watch on the Low-way for anyone bearing the dragon egg. Merlin set to an examination of the Will’o’the Wisp. He was intrigued by our description of that overpowering feeling of vengeance that had plagued us (that is – Noralei and me). 

It was during my watch that the wizard came down to query me in particular. 

When he told me that this affliction was more common among dwarves rather than elves, I explained to him about our encounter with Artoxon and his people. This alarmed him greatly, especially when I related to him their history. 

We were then interrupted by Noralei who came down to report that the dragon egg was on the move – away from us. 

The Fairy Diary Day 330 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We received an answer from the High Fairy to our report about our new location and about our hopes for Noralei’s compass. His excellency wanted me to summon Merlin – at the wizard’s behest for he wanted to be where we are. 

(We were hoping to have him with us and were relieved when he appeared).

While Dunfallon kept watch on the Low-way, the rest of us gathered in the junction chamber around Noralei and her compass. 

Merlin is convinced that the red ashes within are reacting to the the dragon egg. Clearly they were stationary – which Noralei confirmed had been their status for quite some time. Rumble posited that its inactivity may be due to the dark elves’ caution after their discovery of the traps. 

After some thought, Merlin said that if there was no movement soon, we should set out for it. 

He is particularly desirous that it not fall into the hands of their most effective warrior – one who had been most ferocious under Gilgorgon’s mountain.

The Fairy Diary Day 329 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We decided to retreat based on the fact that our current location is too close to the stronghold. I thought it wiser to give ourselves more opportunity to spot and to seize the dragon egg, and to do that, required that we descend to the Low-way and head back to the other passage that connects to the first junction we came to in the side passage. 

Before we followed Dunfallon down to the Low-way, Rumble finished his ministrations to the plant roots with good results. They appeared healthy and thriving. 

Keeping to the wall and the shadows, Dunfallon soon had us at the other passage to the first junction. Along the way we sighted only a few dark elves – traveling singly – some up the Low-way, others down. Obviously messengers, but none carrying a dragon egg. 

We took turns going up to the chamber of the junction. When it came Noralei’s turn, she was gone no more than fifty wingbeats before flying back down with the news that the red ashes in her compass were once again active. 

We think it might be tracking the dragon egg.

The Fairy Diary Day 328 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

So many things are happening that I am finding it difficult to keep it all in perspective. What things need our immediate attention – and what things are a distraction. 

We arrived at another junction. Dunfallon found one passage that led down to the Low-way – just before it reaches the gate into the dark elves’ stronghold. 

Willie has awakened again and he is throwing off more light than ever before. I do not know whether it is because he is rested or if we are now closer to the enemy than we have ever been. 

Noralei, out of curiosity, inspected another passage and returned, flying with all of her might. The passage led to one of the deepest mines she had ever seen – much deeper than the shaft back at the capital. But of the highest concern was the felt presence of that bane of fairies – iron ore. Going forward we will need to exercise extreme caution whichever path we choose. 

While Dunfallon and Noralei were gone, Rumble examined this junction chamber closely. It’s walls are an entwined network of tree and other plant roots – and they are dying. Without hesitation he set about tending to their needs. 

I am struggling for we may not have time for this. For I received a message from the High Fairy – although Gilgorgon and Merlin have pushed back the threat of the attacking dark elves, the enemy successfully carried away one of the dragon eggs. He wants us to be on the lookout for it. 

The Fairy Diary Day 318 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I received a note back from the High Fairy. He reported that the advance of Nililitil’s forces has stalled before the fortifications of the stronghold mentioned by our dwarfish guides. They are despairing of taking it any time soon. All attempts to circumvent the city have been blocked and they observe dark elf troops coming and going via the Low-way. 

There was some good news, his excellency added that Merlin says that Gilgorgon and his dwarves are fully prepared to repel any dark elves coming their way. (Merlin would prefer to move the dragon eggs, but Gilgorgon refuses. The wizard has a concern that possession of the eggs is having an undue influence on him).

Our guides tell us that we are two villages away from the passage spur that branches to the east and ultimately to the mountain of the Gilgorgon dwarves. They keep us going at a good pace but do dwell on entertaining histories at certain points we pass. Dunfallon uses the opportunity to school them in pixie traps and even leaves a few examples. 

Noralei confides to me that the further along we go on the Low-way the stranger she feels. I sense it too. I can only call it what she does. A rising bloodlust. 

The Fairy Diary Day 308 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Much time passed before we heard again from the High Fairy. In the meantime there were rumbles of activity out to our front. Noralei investigated a number of times but could see nothing. 

After the prompting from the High Fairy, I took up the pendant and summoned Merlin. 

We were so glad to see him. For we were at the point of retreating due to the ghostly goings on. The instant he appeared all of it ceased. 

The wizard told us that there is a large army of dark elves between us and the canyonlands’ entrance. The dead discovered there, had been under a frenzy spell that goaded them to their last-ditch effort. Very effective but short lived. Nililitil’s forces have entered once again and have taken up the pursuit. 

Merlin asked for the map from Rumble and drew some new features onto it. But when Dunfallon mentioned that this passage is the Low-way of the dwarves, the wizard’s face turned ashen.

“I must leave immediately for Gilgorgon’s mountain to warn him,” he said. He stated his fear that the dark elves may be drawn to the two dragon’s eggs he left in the dwarves’ care. And added there are stories that a long unused passage from Gilgorgon’s mountain connects to the Low-way of the dwarves.

The Fairy Diary Day 291 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

When Merlin did not appear immediately we assumed he had more pressing concerns. In the meantime we bandied ideas amongst ourselves. 

Noralei wants to release all those shackled in the treasury and move them to a safer place. Rumble and Dunfallon want to secure the dragon egg and remove it completely. 

We heard from the High Fairy first and learned from him that Merlin had accompanied some fairy troops down into the canyonlands, pursuing a contingent of dark elves. Both the wizard and his excellency believe these dark elves may be headed our way. 

The moment I finished reading the message, Merlin was at my elbow. 

“We must be quick about this,” was all he said. We lead him down to the treasury. He lifted the egg from its golden nest and deposited it in his haversack. 

“I must hasten. I shall carry it to lay with the other for safe keeping. Then I must rejoin Nililitil to protect Laguayil.”

Noralei brought up the goblins, asking what we should do about them.

The wizard told us to look deeper in the shaft. We should locate the goblin king – free him – and he’ll know what to do to release his kind. 

About to leave Merlin turned back and added “Enlist him to meet the return of the dark elf forces. He should help you.”

The Fairy Diary Day 290 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I felt we have yet to plumb the depths of our situation. Something else lay behind the predicament of these tortured goblins. We needed to continue our exploration here below. 

We kept to yesterday’s decision and stayed together. We crossed around the shaft from the barracks offshoot to the treasury one. Immediately upon entry my pendant lit up and floated up to eye level. 

Thus I was able to see what none of my companions could. There lining the walls into the treasury were goblins hanging from shackles. The glow from the treasures beyond drew us onward past the pleading voices. 

My pendant also allowed me to see the pattern of the way the jewels and coins and precious metals were laid out. 

Before I could stop him Dunfallon was down on all fours scooping up some loose coins. Rumble and I scooped him up and carefully replaced the money. 

The treasury had been arranged as a nest for a dragon’s egg and the goblins left in place to feed it upon hatching. 

We retraced our steps and I composed a message to the High Fairy on the scroll. And summoned Merlin.

The Fairy Diary Day 286 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Rumble brought out the Dromadil map and demonstrated to us that the offshoot with the forges was not on it. We decided to send Dunfallon down to explore. To aid him Noralei passed off her Will’o’the Wisp lantern. 

While he was gone we poured over the map and compared our observations.  None of us is sure what we are looking for. Nothing so far has been anything but pixie related. So, this latest place where we cannot go may contain the strongest clue as to what our enemy may be up to. Especially if it is related to the dark elves. 

We gathered around the pixie upon his return to hear his latest adventure. There was a gamut of forges to pass before the ultimate chamber on that level. The tools fell silent and still, as he passed nearby. The last room was filled with a familiar form. Dunfallon says they are exactly like the fire plants we encountered around the dragon egg nest. 

It made me wonder if this chamber was the planned destination of the dragon egg we had intercepted. 

The pixie added as almost an afterthought that the presence of the forges reminded him of his time with Gilgorgon and the dwarves. And perhaps odder still was that Willie was most glad to be there and had protested when Dunfallon pulled him out.

The Fairy Diary Day 234 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I was writing a message on my scroll to the High Fairy when I felt a presence behind me. I turned to see the face of Merlin smiling down on me. Before I could say a word he spoke to me. 

“I have heard that you have been concerned for me and the dragon’s egg that you turned over to me. Well, here I be, hale and hearty. And rest assured our egg has been committed to the capable and trustworthy care of a mutual friend.”

Any thing further he would not say. But I was satisfied that it was safely hidden away. 

Before we could continue our discussion, Dunfallon flew in on his eagle. He was about to give me the news about Merlin when he looked up and saw the wizard standing there. (The pixie mumbled something about having left Merlin back in Dromadil and how had he arrived before him). 

Dunfallon shrugged his shoulders and commented, “Then you know all the news already.”

At that moment Geog the troll passed by outside one of the windows, and the pixie was gone in pursuit of his friend. 

Merlin and I could only laugh.