Day One Thousand One Hundred Fifteen #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Everything has changed over night – for Tomas – for Elijah and myself. But especially for Tomas as to attitude. He is no longer swallowed up by doubt and indecision. He has grown in confidence that his place for now is here. And he knows with surety that he will be called away and has been given a sign upon which to wait.

This development, to my thinking, is all the more remarkable because the suspicions we have been harboring have been confirmed to him. The Supreme Commander, indeed, purposes to keep us with him.

As for Elijah and me, we now know our departure will be soon. And we will be leaving Tomas behind.

The prospect saddens me. Spirit, prepare us.

Day Nine #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I made better headway today. The streets were empty. Nothing at all to impede me. The last of the migrants must have passed my position in the night.

Nothing to impede me but myself.  I caught myself desiring to look back over my shoulder a number of times. To see if any followed after me? No.

An apprehension of doubt creeping up on me. Can one individual be right and the many wrong?

I have to resist the pull. I feel as though a giant rubber band connects us and the more I push forward the stronger the attraction backward. And if I were not vigilant I would snap and fly like a stone from a sling into their midst.