Day Eight Hundred Eleven #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I was getting restless. Not that I’m impatient. Never that. Elijah, however, showed no signs of wanting to move on. He would not even entertain the idea of talking about it. Whenever I brought it up, he changed the subject.

Finally I just let it go, but not as to its future impact. I decided to make a list of our options – all the possible ways out of here. Which meant I had to actually go out and physically check them.

That’s when I made the discoveries.

All of the access points from this quarter that had been open in our outings yesterday, were now closed. I tried unfamiliar streets  and found them cut off too.

Somehow I was comforted.


Day Six Hundred Eighty Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We kept warm last night, having ignited wood left in a fire pit at the center of the chamber.

Tomas, as ever, made the most helpful discoveries. He rummaged around beyond the limit of the light from the fire and fell into an alcove that contained a gasoline generator. He was able to crank it up and we had lights.

We thus learned that this place was a whole lot bigger than we thought. Other tunnels branch off the chamber to sleeping quarters, ammunition stores, and food supplies.

So we ate well and rested while awaiting the storm to subside.

The Captain regularly went outside to check the storm. The last time he was ushered back in by two soldiers.

Day Two Hundred Sixty Seven #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We would have (and could have) traversed the underground passage in the space of the daylight hours. But we had some unforeseen obstacles and equally unforeseen discoveries, all of which decided us to remain down here for awhile.

First, our progress was impeded and slowed down by a blockage. A section of the tunnel ceiling (a floor from the structure above) had caved in and all access around was cut off. We were at the point of turning around when Elijah found an entrance into a building. We entered and by trial and error made our way up and over the obstruction.

It was all providential. Our delay meant that we encountered a band of people that needed our help.